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Project Management Professional Responsibility

Ethics are guiding principles and values or customs of a particular group of people or an individual (David, 1996). Throughout the process of project management, professional project managers require ethical behavior for successful process of executing their duties. It is imperative for project managers to constantly examine their standards to ensure that they are well-founded to shape and help the organization to make ethical decisions.

Importance of Project Managers adhering to a “code of ethics”

Project managers must adhere to the values that act as guidelines so that they can avoid immoral conducts by leaders. In fact, business ethics are crucial for certified Project Management Professionals whether locally or abroad. Since the code of ethics act as declaration of the right and honorable thing, it is likely to help Project Managers to build on their reputation in the community just like any other person in the field. The code also espouses respect for others in the business field. Ethics also play a crucial role in ensuring that Project Managers complete their duties in time with least resources without going out of their boundaries (Cabanis, 1996). When they adhere to the code of ethics, they become capable of being trusted in their field. It is, therefore, extremely crucial for Project Managers to stick to the ethical code of conduct.

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Top three behaviors in your personal code of ethics

There are numerous behaviors that one must work tirelessly to avoid in a working environment. Apart from trust, I must act professionally and ensure that team member conform to the standards. Another area is that I will ensure that am willing to learn from others and accept my weakness. Accepting one’s weakness is a very crucial aspect of project management since it allows people to make correction in such areas (Kerzner, 2013). Am also willing to respect and be compliant with the law. I will ensure that we negotiate in good faith and protect all sectors against situations of conflict of interest. Eventually, it will be my responsibility as a project management professional to ensure integrity of the project management process, the product, and personal conduct of project managers.

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How a project manager should respond to varying “situational” standards of ethics as they are encountered from country to country.

Project managers must not sit back and watch when a different country acts unprofessionally. The best way of avoiding being accused is by not getting involved in unethical acts. This is achievable through making informed decisions to accommodate the other partner working in the same field (Michale, 2005). In situations like the one above, I will act professionally to ensure that foreign counterparts conform to the standards of ethics. Unethical behaviors within organization cost billions of taxpayers’ money annually. As a project manager, it is my responsibility to foster environment of high ethics locally and abroad, while upholding high standards.

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