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The paper outlines a study in a thriving market that depends on the creativity of other people but does not reward the original creators of the various products. The study investigate the following issues: what are the dangers, risks of counterfeit markets; which organizations or individuals fund these markets or who, mostly, stops the extinction of these markets; how should they be eliminated? The paper seeks to answer these and more questions regarding the existence of a counterfeit market in Britain and its consequences to the producers and the economy in large.

Background: Counterfeit markets are markets of goods of inferior quality. The low income earners can afford the goods since the shipments and costs are cheap. Do these goods duplicate the original products, and to what extent do the duplicates represent the original?

Since the growth of technology, many people are unable to differentiate an original product from the duplicate thus leading to the research question: how can this be curbed?

Purpose of the study: The main aim of the study is to determine how counterfeit markets can be eliminated, as they are a loss to many economies. It defines stern actions that can be taken towards funders and perpetrators.

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Research outcome: The findings of the research are going to provide a breakthrough to how, which and what measures can curtail the vice, which continues to deplete the economy if no action is taken.

This document is going to explain in finer details the implications of the existence of counterfeit markets; and thus, may provide detailed information of how to control them. Counterfeit markets maintain a record of being the center of illegal activities, which drains the economy because they promote fake products. The products are short-lived and dangerous for human usage because they fail to meet the required safety standards set by the authorities. Counterfeit products producers tend to manufacture goods with many similarities to original products. This makes it difficult to differentiate them from the original products.

Research Question

Counterfeit markets are associated with many criminal activities such as the sale of illegal drugs and weapons, and human trafficking across international borders often without legal documents. All of the abovementioned vices also facilitate terrorism. All activities carried out in counterfeit markets present unheralded danger to the UK’s economy and its citizenry. Job losses in the manufacturing industry are attributable to the existence of counterfeit markets and their illegal products.

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Global estimates indicate that the economy remains on a downward fall due to the influx of counterfeit products in the market among other factors, which only worsens the economy unless the industry is fully controlled. The growth of technology plays a critical part in the flourishing of counterfeit markets because many firms keep cropping up, which lead to the creation of a vast quantity of goods and products that closely imitate the original versions. Corruption remains a key factor that facilitates the continued growth of illegal markets: fuel to an already thriving, illegal market. These markets are based on the investors who fail to appreciate the originality of the real producers but remain driven by the urge to make quick money.

Government intervention to control counterfeit markets has bore no fruit as some of the people in the government support the markets. Thus, UK government finds it hard to contain the problem. Lack of adequate information about how counterfeit products are hazardous implies that citizens also lack the will to differentiate between similar products.

This phenomenon could be easily avoided if all citizens decide to stand and fight everything that kills the economy. The government needs devise and implement adequate measures: to end the activities in counterfeit markets and make those involved face the justice. Most affected countries are those that have rapidly growing economies, such as China and Brazil.

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Aims and Objectives

The main objective of the research is to know how people can work together to fight this problem. Otherwise, this vice will continue to leave people without jobs and with a potential to ruin the economy. Inhibited illegal market remains vital in achieving the goals of the study. Developing clear mechanisms of tackling the issue can help in curbing the global problem. Despite opposing movements, the problem should be fought by all forces and resources available.

Curbing the vice is certainly a task that requires time to tackle, as it remains a complex socio-economic issue. Terror activities, which happen under the guise of human trafficking, have been a contributing factor to the crime. Support from all governments should be evident as it is not feasible for one country to act alone in this fight. Most counterfeit companies use illegal immigrants to work in their factories to avoid detection by the relevant authorities.


Accomplishing this aim may take much longer time: it requires increased attention to the entire sector and all the possible causes of the problem. Thus, the time needed in the operation may force participants to quit the program leading to failure in achieving this goal and thus the vice may end up prospering. Lack of patience among the patriots may lead to slowing down the process of eradicating the counterfeit industry. Reaching out to as many individuals as possible may be a complex activity thus this may take a lot of time. It would take time to travel to as many places as possible because of distances and travel restrictions.

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Funds for campaigns and advertisements may be a factor that should be considered as a lot of finances are required. Thus, this may limit the number of sponsors. The lack of sponsors to fund the program until completion may occur as financial support is required until the end of the program.

Confronting the countries, which have been alleged to have the largest involvement in these illegal businesses may be hard. Educating the masses about how to identify original goods may require much time and funds. Proper support from different government and security agencies may be minimal thus slowing down the program.

Ignorance is a significant problem as many ignore small ideas, which lead to misfortunes. It is for every person to decide whether to be an educated and informed individual or to be ignorant. Thus changing this habit may also take much time prolonging the accomplishment of the program.

Many studies on mechanisms of eradicating the counterfeit markets exist all over the world. The studies develop clear plans on how to tackle the issue and the repercussions of letting the vice continue on the overall economy. Being part of the vice many find it to be a usual routine thus create doubts about how the vice can be curbed. Many research programs conducted offer different views on the issue of curbing the vice in the society, and they do provide remedies to terminate these markets. The progress of tackling the problem leads to the lagging behind of various economies in terms of development (Staake & Fleisch, 2008). This progress requires much time and effort, hence it needs to be noted that the progress cannot be drastic as expected by those affected by the industry. Thus, the small progress done tends to matter a lot as it goes a long way in tackling the vice. Understanding of how dangerous these markets are to us should be emphasized so that all will find it worthy to end the vice.

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Time is the determining factor so the program should be started as soon as possible. Elimination of the vice can take root and it should be fought. There should be an ongoing call to all so as to trigger the force to fight the vice off. Various measures to end this calamity should be taken, responsibility among us should be shared. All people should be aimed at understanding of the markets as this should point what goes around. Media should take it upon themselves to advertise all activities that go around. Education among all people about these markets is one issue that is hard to deal with as total concentration on how counterfeit markets change should be put in place (Hoyer, 2008).

This research tends to put in place measures that should be taken to see the termination of these markets which have become a hazard to the economies. The fashion industry is highly affected by this as many counterfeit products end up bringing the sales of the original product to a downfall. Continued support and responsibility from respective government and agencies should help push this operation to the roof to ensure maximum termination. Rules should be put in place thus all firms should come up with a way of capturing counterfeit goods.

The research done should be cross-checked to ensure and confirm whether all what was researched has been or is being followed. Following the review we discovered that certain issues were found thus responsibility, truth and change turned out to be the hardest principles that many are unable to follow and which need more time to instill to people. People’s lifestyle has been changed thus many tend to rise, and others fall. More friendly and a bettered approach to curbing the vice should be thought of and put in place so that the permanent solution to this is achieved.

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In order to curb the situation, the authorities need to install stern action on those found selling and producing counterfeit products. The thriving of the counterfeit industry can be attributed to the fact that people feel the need to buy the trendy fashion products but their income cannot allow it, hence opting for the counterfeit products. Thus, due to the hard economic times many people tend to use these products as they remain below the economic power to purchase the original products. Recent studies prove that the counterfeit market earn more money than the GDP of some of the developing countries (American Apparel Manufacturers Association. Consumer Advisory Committee,1990).

Time is another essential factor that will help us achieve the purpose and thus educating all people about the vice is necessary in order to achieve the intended results. Patience is an aspect which must be common to all as no matter the time or resources it takes, this vice should be terminated totally. Persistent advertisements against this illegal business can also make part of the mechanisms undertaken by the authorities to curb the growth of the industry. Advertisements include the issuance of leaflets, which in the end publicizes the seriousness in ending the vice.

The culprits who agree to be used as the transport agents for the goods should be arrested. The companies shipping in and out those low quality goods or people need to face justice as they tend to lead to the growth of terror activities all over the world. A creation of a common court for persecuting those involved in this illegal business need to be formed and also a corporation to work against the production of counterfeit materials needs to be formed to address the culprits caught in the illegal activity. Generation of wealth and sufficient amount of working places needs be promoted in order to stabilize the economy (Avery, 2008).

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Education of the low income earners needs to be the first priority to save them from the dangers associated with the use of these products. This study aims at giving full details about the dangers of these products and the best way to address the counterfeit market in London.

Politicians, security, and business people have been found to have the greatest impact in the spread of counterfeit markets. In a bid to make more profits and gain fame, business people bribe those in charge contributing to the passage of illegal goods and the spread of these markets. Security agencies also have become sluggish to fight this crime as their security personnel tend to benefit from the illicit trade (Thorsten Staake, 2008). This is because they earn a lot of money so that they let all illegal goods and people to be shipped from one place to another. Politicians lack the moral value to fight off the vice amidst many talks that they make to impress people.

Studies conducted proved that these markets pose a danger to all sectors of the economy (Avery, 2008). Among them is the fashion industry where many firms are forced to fire their employees due to minimal sales done. It should be noted that this review tends to see what measures should be adopted to end this calamity which depletes the economy with every dawn. This research opts to see that all these changes are implemented and tends to put in place all those measure suggested by preceding researches. The issue of tackling the problem of counterfeit products in the country requires concerted efforts in terms of developing clear cut solutions (Lin, 2011).

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As there are no determined people who will steer reforms that will help curb the vice, the researcher aims at steering these reforms and developing mechanisms of tackling the problem. This study has been dedicated to viewing the possible ways that can help eliminate this vice from the society. The study provides the ways to collect and analyze the data needed to find a solution. This aims at viewing how far the implementation of ending these markets has gone.

Overall Methodology

The writer has been led by the urge to quest his thirst to end the vice. Thus tries to find out how the research question can be achieved. The research aims to offer a systematic approach to come up with answers on how to end it. This leads to the explorations of all activities that take place in these markets and how they can be changed.

To achieve the results that will bring a change, the researcher saw it best to dig deep to know the factors that lead to the growth of these markets, the factors that hinders their termination and what actually can be done to fight this problem.

This research gives the researcher the privilege to explore deeper in order to know what is going on in the market and how the goods are labeled as they enter the market. It allows the researcher to find out how to determine an original product from a counterfeit one. This also lets the researcher obtain data that shows how these products enter the market and what profit they bring when sold; then, to compare it with the original products. This has been led by the fact that the researcher wants to be free from bias and make the research appear as if it is the first to be conducted.











The researcher aims at incorporating each person in the study whom these counterfeit markets affect, and he wishes to be helped by a team of persons who understand these markets well. The researcher wishes to use a minimum of 10 people per different age set and group and a maximum of all that are willing to give credible information, which will help in the achievement of this research. Prior to getting information from the public the researcher wishes to contact agencies which have information regarding all data on the fall of the economy and loss of jobs after the beginning of these markets (see appendix to see the letters).

Data Collection Methods

The researcher sought to make an in-depth study to the problem in order to find a lasting solution of this issue. The researcher also sought to use questionnaires on people’s attitude towards this disaster. Interviews, which would be done one on one, would also contribute to the process of the data collection. The questionnaires and the interviews would comprise of a few questions which would last about 10 minutes. This insures a comprehensive study. These questionnaires would also be provided via the Internet as this is a comprehensive study which targets all people. An adequate amount of time should also be given to all the participants.

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The paper-printed questionnaires will have the same questions as those distributed via the Internet (view the appendix 3). The views of the participants will be recorded on the tape to help draw more information and for future reference.

Feasibility Study

The aim of this study is to help in the extended development of the main study. This study is vital as it may be used elsewhere to test the validity of the information received and also to see how applicable the tools are to study. This study is relevant and helps to establish the weaknesses that may affect the research so that possible measures to reduce the weaknesses are taken before one concludes the other remaining study. The study has been recommended in many situations but with minimal participants used. Testing of all tools is done at this stage so that corrective measures are taken thus allowing time for any improvements. This study also will help us know what is to be added and in what capacity. This also helps do some estimations of what is going to be achieved. This study also lets estimate the total time taken to know if we are trending well and whether more time is required.

The credibility of the questionnaire created is tested to see what to change and what to improve so as to get the best results. The data collected will be drafted and printed out thus there will be information which will be recorded for future use. The data will be sold to those who will afford to buy it, but there will also be the information that will be accessed via the Internet.

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The data will be controlled in order to ensure that will be given to those who are able steer the reforms thus tampering with the information and changing the study will be avoided. The information will be protected to avoid altering.

The data collected will be analyzed during the study and also after the study. The information that is recorded will be analyzed to get the data that will help us in the study. The information received will help us alienate any repeated information. The information recorded will only be considered deeply to avoid exaggeration and the researcher will ensure that it is reliable to help attain the success of ending the counterfeit markets.

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