Free «Cervantes Use of Ecomium in Dialogue of the Dogs» Essay

Cervantes Use of Ecomium in Dialogue of the Dogs

There were two dogs in this story named Scipio and Berganza. One night they were talking to each other due to which they had become very amazed and wanting to grasp that opportunity as they did not know that it would last and then began to chat and this chit chat of these two dogs had shown that how Cervantes had made use of paradox encomium.

First of all they had started their conversation with how men were dogs and they thought they were like a symbol of friendship and trustworthiness and how unbreakable whenever their owners die and many feel that they have even to loss their lives by not eating and not separated from the graves, except for some of them when they are being buried. Now to change the subject he told Scipio that he had heard some students through Alcala de Henares that for every five thousand students, two thousand were taking medication for what was needed as many sick had died of hunger. Then Scipio said that they could even talk about a thing of the sky which they wanted to take because they did not know that how long it would take and it was better to talk about the things which are more interesting. Usually Berganza had wanted to speak and what he used to speak was always in a sane and he wanted to tell about everything that had happened to them in their life but first make sure that no one could heard them as the only person there was Berganza was asleep began its history .He starts when he was at the slaughterhouse and its first owner named Nicholas Romo had taught the bulls attack and that he had a basket of meat to a friend of her master protected by the way if someone had tried to remove it, but one day a woman had taken it off and did not defend himself for not putting dirty mouth on it and returning without food. The owner wanted to kill him so he had to run away from some fields, so far reached about flocks to see them by thinking that it would be a good place to stay.At the time of work if someone had killed a wolf in sheep then usually the dogs were punished and always appeared a death lately and never got to see the wolf whether wanted for the neighborhood even but one day he saw some men who killed one of the sheep just as if it was a wolf in real, and one could not tell its owner were harshly punished always, the men who did well were those who tended the flock.So due to this he decided to leave Berganza, so he returned to Seville where he began to serve a very rich merchant but to get into the house he had to be based on humbleness, first looked at the environment to see if they could keep a large dog if so be placed at the door when the owner came up with bowed head and come over to clean his shoes with his tongue.Scipio said that he did the same.Once inside the merchant's house watchdog had welcomed him behind the door bound for the day and released at night, normally or sleep as the merchant was very proud of him asked to be treated well. Every time he saw Berganza its owner was running towards him jumping for joy and there he called of rogue. There were two sons of merchant one was of fourteen and the other was of twelve years old. Both studied at the school of Society of Jesus. They used to go with attendants and pages. He had clarified that Scipio Sevilla merchants show their wealth through their children.Berganza then continued with the story and told him that one day he had left a briefcase in the yard and as he was used to take papers to his owner, took it and took it to one of the pages, but nobody could take it off until he entered The boy in the class and gave it in person.So appreciative were the owners who lived like a king and had a very restful life because he tamed to play with children but had to again make of guard at the door diverted in school because of other children, so he had to return to their ration doggy bones and she threw a black, it was in love with a black man who also worked at the house but could only see at night if you stole the key to go to him, she stole many things but he never said anything because she always brought food, but a tiring day attacked the black Berganza by ripping her blouse and tore a piece of meat from the thigh and had to stay in bed for a few days pretending to be sick, but cured when attempting to pass again to see his beloved but returned to lash out against it, if you want to strike the black stopped feeding and although nobody paid attention barking, so one day he found the open door ran out into the street where he saw a sheriff friend of his former master Nicholas Romo, which saw him and called him, Berganza approached and told the sheriff about people who were with him that this was the famous dog who had helped a friend. His master was very brave and had managed to imprison many people which were known and even when confronted the only one gang of six men single handedly, after this great feat was in the city for people to see him, walking down the street men who recognized him were doing it with open arms while inviting him to drink and stay for dinner.At dinner they were talking about fights, thefts, ladies of her treatment, praise each other and finally the waist of the person of the host Berganza learned that the homeowner called Monipodio was a partner of thieves and ruffians spade, was his accomplice.

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On one occasion the two thieves had stolen a very great horse and then took him to Seville.To sell that horse a trick used with quite safety and one of them was to justice and called for the money which was owed by him.It fell to Lieutenant to recognize the card, by seeing the firm had acknowledged the debt and assurance said by implementing the horse, but in the end the horse went on sale and bought by the Master of Berganza, then the thief had taken the money and both of the thieves had left the city. Sheriff going with his new horse, suddenly some men stopped him because they recognized that horse as their own horse and as they had verification to prove it. They took him and let the sheriff be stayed without a horse but that was not all because at night to go out in the rounds the district of St. Julian had thieves raiding around, there he saw a man running and the wizard who was with whom at that time was Berganza, which he had sent for him but he wretched tired. He had been beaten to normal to move out but as he said he was not touched, which was what he had commanded him to blame himself and not the dog, but by seeing Berganza malevolence and desire for revenge, he escaped and went Mairena where some soldiers were to board a ship going to Cartagena, there were four friends among them from my old master who called him to distinguish me and he determined that if he accepted he would go with them, the drummer began to teach dance to the drummer and do other goodies in a fortnight learned to jump by the King of France and not jump out the bad hostelry, to make corvettes and walk around, do so many goodies they called the "dog wise." His owner started calling people to see him and had won some money, everyone had become surprised by seeing him and all that which was capable of doing by him.His master saw that it could also emulate the Neapolitan horse so he made him a cover and a small chair to put it back by putting a light set and taught him to run straight into a ring which he had placed between two poles.Aguilar were the two where he stayed his master while leaving the dog in the yard where many people would see that day was a good show. All is that in a soar that sent him to slow to give his landlord then endangered with a witch, which was there and heard it said that he was not angry if he was for it, that people were wrong and he chased him the next day if they went somewhere else to give her show. At night of that day while the old woman came to Berganza just cried and hugged him and told him that meant a lot and go after him to his house which had many attractive things to tell of his life for his benefit, whether it is met with irritation to know what he would say to the old and old told him that before his death he knew that it was going to see, he said that before in this house a witch used to live who could do everything she wanted and long since deceased from the vice of witchcraft as Montil which also left many vices but the Witch and at last died before his mother had two dogs and that had also seen them and said that there was no evil and she told him for not being worried anymore because it was made and she was thinking at the time that the labor had some mystery.

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Many bad things were done in the past by the witch but had changed and good works that were now made people to forget their past not compulsory that the Sorceress was good, although she and her mother were looked like as good witches and could be credited.Berganza told that it was a witch and spoke of possible questions it might have and that being poor could not help it actually those witches could not ever be good hence they could only be appeared as good. Berganza looked afraid and he wanted to see if she bite itself, but whether it was horrible that pulled into the yard but still not awake but at least he had put his terror when the day came people had approached the hospital ,their thinking was if he was dead and made comment on her witchcraft, but if she had a pulsation and at seven in the same day woke up and battered and ashamed at being attacked by it and he tried to kill and to defend himself he was dragged along the ground, people who were there thought it was the devil and had given him in the backside or had thrown me the holy water, as if they fled away and pursued by some boys throwing stones.Scipio had broken up history by going back to the witch and saying it could not be true and he did not know for sure after giving his estimation. Berganza escaped and took him a tie up which only had to keep the garden, Moorish everything it kept on winning while the owner watched Berganza had stood still while thinking and ideas as he had come to write them so he concluded that he was a poet and he must be writing a comedy for theater because one day he spoke with another man and said he needed a cardinal purple Twelve suits and in that conversation it was understood that a poet and the other actor but it only fed him bits of bread thrown away, so he had decided to go to the city where he saw his master poet and he was very happy for him giving him pieces of bread fond and went downtown with him and stood a moment in the house of a known playwright and Angulo el Malo were there listening to the comedy, but half had gone around the world except those two to finish the other poet. Berganza sat there with his owner while teaching him to bind out at whomever they wished and as the starters usually went out to clubs and earn money to its owner. While arriving in Valladolid an taster had made him a gash that almost killed him but not revenge and seems to be so happy and busy. Scipio had stood before Mahudes who chose as his running mate Berganza and brought him to the hospital where the poet heard that he was on a stretcher to complain of their fate and some comments on the work. Beside this one night a man while going to home to beg the mayor and we mean as not to lose on account of the tramps, he drove them away with sticks and then on the another night entered the house of a very important lady who had a small dog, which lunged him.

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In the end came the day after telling his life ended the conversation, and he got the Alf ever, and the lawyer said that he had started the second symposium, although the former has passed. The lieutenant was about to speak but he cut off another friend saying that he would not get involved in these hurdles and disputes.

The praise of folly modeled after the classical type of "paradoxical encomium" Erasmus work seems often to conclude that many species of "folly" are the wisdom and that folly is at once good and bad, laudable and despicable. Yet the viciously circular text resists anything akin to univocal interpretation owing primarily to its status as an exaltation of folly pronounced by folly herself. Indeed the character's declamation presents an extreme case of self reference and self love and a lack of self knowledge. By contrast as thematized and dramatized in Cervantes narrative an openness to paradox engenders a sense of communion between self and other in a common quest for truth. But that quest had pursued a necessarily elusive and unfolding truth perhaps "infinitely" approachable and knowable in itself, yet clearly surpassing the limits of time and history and those of our consoling fictions. Especially here Cervantes fictional paradox depicts seemingly ordinary encounters between self and other and between reader text and life as potential encounters with the marvelous. Hence such encounters are not an occasion for the final certainty. Instead for contemplation

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