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Review for Beverly Hills 90210

The United States of America has been leading the entertainment market for a long time. All experiences and achievements are aimed at meeting the needs of customers. On 2 September 2008, The CW premiered some series of the movie called Beverly Hills 90210 that had produced in the SBC Television Studios. The executive producers of the first season are Gabe Sache and Jeff Judah. The series received the highest rates from viewers among the adults 18 – 49 with the 2.6 rating. The total amount of audience of the first episode was 4.65 million. The final episode appeared on the screens on 19 May 2009. According to the statistics, the average number of viewers was 2.24 million. The rating of season among the people between the ages 19 – 49 was 0.9.

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As in the previous series of Beverly Hills, (released in 1990 – 2000 and produced by the Spelling Television), during the episode 1, everything happens at West Beverly High School, even the idea remained the same. The time though changed. The environment is a key to understanding how people will treat you and what should be expected from them in return. The Wilsons moved from Kansas. Annie and adopted a son Dixon are not satisfied with this change. We reject everything that is new and unknown. The conflict of generation is present in every situation, if we are talking about parents and children. The desire of parents to control their children creates the feeling that this is the only possible way. However, the Wilsons do their best and build the relationships with their children truthfully.

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Through the whole episode 1, the executive director tries to point out the main problems of the modern society. Drug and alcohol addictions, robbery, abortion, the difference in social statuses and so forth are a huge net, which the executive director is using for the display of his heroes and their emotions. WestBeverlyHigh School is the place of contrasts. This school has its own rules. There is an invisible code of behavior here. Everything is structured there as well. Despite this, teenagers are clever and inventive to figure out the new means of manipulation. Anyway, emotions often rule people in the battle being at the first place. They are caught in the nets of circumstances. The situation with the essay is a very good example. In addition, it shows that friendship is something fragile and situational today.

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As it has been mentioned before, the generation conflict is shown clearly in this series. An interesting observation is that children are living the life of their parents. In this case, kids are a good reflection of their deeds and desires for the nearest future. Often behind all this, there is the feeling that parents can even be envious to the achievements of their offsprings. Moreover, through the whole episode, the topic of all heroes that had happened in the past appears. They want to change the things done. All manipulations are done to receive something that should finally bring sorrow. Although the heroes of this film know that life is not just the shopping or parting. There are the things that influence on the life. They have a choice, which has to be accepted.

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Comparing to The Gossip Girl, the target audience is satisfied. Despite the situational mess, this series is a kind of film you can learn the lesson from and understand how people behave, and what their intentions are. Viewers also may understand that we all can do mistakes. Therefore, our choice lies in overcoming this and living further or staying on the same spot and not understanding that there is not much time left.

In general, the series and especially the episode 1 have one important thing. They create the atmosphere and tuning for further. The soundtracks and locations are creating the atmosphere of holiday. For teens, this is the mirror of mode in everything: starting from music and ending up with, “What should I take today on?” But the mix is made up of social issues’ flavour, the conflicts between parents and children, and relationships among classmates.

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