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Reading Response Assignment

This week’s readings discuss key potential areas by pointing out the importance of engaging in population control, especially in achieving the Millennium Development Goals. Of great interest to me in the article by Eastwood and Lipton is its explanation of how fertility rate is associated with poverty rate and its bad implications on the other MDG such as education, health and gender. This aspect is essential for policy markers since it is useful in averting the consequences of fertility which are contributed by dependency ration associated with families with greater intense poverty rate and low opportunities.

In Knodel and Wongsith readings, family size has been pointed out as a negative influence that denotes the chances of a child getting basic secondary education. Such a topic is interesting as it forms the basis of which the decline in fertility can be associated with economic cost and investment needed for child rearing. Simplifying this concept is the reading on the Niger article which notes how lack of infrastructure, especially education investment, has misinformed free distribution of contraceptives. However, despite such barriers, reduction in fertility rate has been highlighted in Thailand case to have led to education attainment of children as they develop. Therefore, it is essential to incorporate such aspects in policy making as a measure to ensuring that the other developing countries adopt such measures in countering cultural norms that hinder population control.

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On the other hand, the article by Cincotta seems to discuss age structure on the basis that the population component of young people normally contributes to their fight for freedom in a country. I tend to disagree with a number of notions pointed out in the article. For example, does the presence of young population decrease the chances of liberations in a country? I say no. It is obvious that the need for freedom in any given country is normally contributed by the underlying timing opportunities and persistence obstacles that create inequality in the society but not the age component. In any case, it would be interesting to a democratic country which processes are controlled by policies that regulate demographic components. In conclusion, the three articles are thus useful to policy makers.

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