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History of Contraception

This week’s readings discuss the historical, cultural, and religious context that has formed the basis over which the issues of reproduction and overpopulation are addressed. The article by Roudi-Fahimi clearly illustrated how Islamic religion, just like other religions, has formed the basis under which family planning is engaged. Roudi-Fahimi notes that Muslims living in those countries ruled or influenced others with their views; they did support the use of contraceptives. This, in line with tranquility, is based on Quran teaching. It is thus interesting to know that the use of contraceptives has its origin from religious and historical context of Prophet’s time. It is during this time when coitus’ withdrawal was actively being practiced.

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Similarly, the readings on the article History of Contraception by Potts and Campbell bring out a historical perspective of contraceptive in countering the traditional methods of regulating fertility. This is based on ancient manufacture of vaginal pessaries from animal’s dung in order to reduce the possibility of a woman becoming pregnant. Such efforts later led to the use of contraceptives as a family planning program in reducing fertility rate. This is clearly demonstrated in Seltzer’s article where the practice of family planning has continuously increased in developing countries within Latin America such as Mexico, Middle East countries, and sub-Saharan African countries. The practice is based on the desire for children and need to control fertility through contraceptive use for economic, political, and social benefits. Therefore, it is essential for policy makers to understand the religious and cultural contexts in which contraceptives can effectively be used for population control.

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On the other hand, the article by Potts and Campbell on patriarchy seems to stand out from others. It discusses the fight against male dominance over women on reproductive rights. Authors note that women would only be free to optimize their lifelong patterns of childbearing when they have control on when and whether to have children. However, how can this be possible if patriarchy is still a dominant factor that dictates contraceptive use in our society? This is a concern which must be addressed for effective reduction of fertility through contraceptive use. In conclusion, the three articles are thus useful for the realization of an effective policy aimed at regulating population size.

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