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Cesar Chavez

First of all, it is necessary to stress that the movie Cezar Chavez is definitely worth attention as it attracts viewers by a vivid and natural depiction of a historical character. Of course, the detailed information about Chavez can be found in any typed or online source, but one will not be able to see and imagine Cezar’s emotions while achieving his goal and people’s desire to see changes in their life. Therefore, in spite of keeping silence about some significant moments in history, the film under consideration is noteworthy, because it can help the audience feel the atmosphere of racism, discrimination, poverty, and injustice. It is impossible to get a deep understanding of Chavez’s influence on the American history and people only through reading his biography.

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In general, the film reflects the importance of Cezar’s activity. Although a lot of American streets are called in his honor, very few people are familiar with the reason. The movie gives the most important information about the character without making the story challenging and detailed. Of course, this fact contradicts a bit with the life of a real character. It was in constant confrontation with the authorities and struggling for the ideas which had not been promoted before. That is why it should be noted that the director’s version is not as challenging and inspiring as the real life of the protagonist. However, this does not reduce the value of Cezar Cavez. In any case, it enlarges the scope of people who have never heard about Cezar before and encourages them to find out more information about him.

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In fact, a biographical version of Cesar depicts the man with a difficult and controversial character. Historians stress that he made a lot of strategic mistakes as any other person who tried to implement changes in a defective society. These mistakes and pitfalls on the way to achieving the goals were not reflected in the film version. Cezar Chavez not only lacks this information but also depicts much easier attainment of the changes in grape-farm workplace.

It is necessary to stress that the film mainly concentrates on one period of the protagonist’s life – 1965-1970. These are the years of a well-known strike when Cezar gained his popularity among the public. All bibliographic facts before the above-mentioned period were depicted too briefly to understand the roots of the conflict. Moreover, the movie omits a thorough data about the main difficulty on Cezar’s way. It is a deep misunderstanding between two groups of people – Latino and Filipino workers which was an advantage for the owners of grape plantations. The character under analysis manages to achieve his goal without using any violence in spite of this antipathy. This important information is not shown in the movie although it is one of the most important difficulties in Cezar’s career of an American human rights activist.

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Moreover, there are a lot of unclear events in the movie. For instance, it is difficult to understand the demands uttered by the farm workers on a strike. That is why the conflict seems to be too generalized to the viewers. It is also incomprehensible what has influenced Cezar in his struggle for workers’ rights. There is no information about the figures who have inspired him. Furthermore, the directors included no information about the challenges within the community organized by Chavez in order to achieve his goal. The absence of such details turns the movie into something unrealistic and incomplete. In any case, the film makes the audience consider the difficulties of the depicted period and view it as the era of incredibly significant changes in history.

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