Free «Various Approaches to Strategy» Essay

Various Approaches to Strategy

Review 1 for Anna’s response

I noticed that you perspective on creativity is remarkable and quite rational. Creativity can definitely drive an organization towards success and prosperity and help in attaining competitive advantages over its contenders in the marketplace. But if any organization already implements and engages in considerable aspects of creativity, would it need to encounter the affliction of rapid change and the reality of globalization? In other words, companies must initially embed creativity and innovation within the core of their operations and management, without having the trouble to stumble upon further intricacies related to constant change and rising technology, although change is sometimes inevitable in our contemporary world. As for the affiliation drawn between exploitation and exploration, the example you provided on mobile phones is substantial, for the mobile industry today is a major sector worldwide. It is extremely true and I strongly agree with the notion that states organizations should create balance between exploitation and exploration in order to avoid unexpected outcomes (Lewitt & March 1988).

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Review 2 for Hande’s response

Your response is interesting, as I value that you have presented and put in plain words a personal experience related to the study of disinfection and sanitization and how to incorporate Ecolab’s product in the Turkish agricultural market. Although you have used your creativity and innovation to come up with all your ideas, I did not notice that you mentioned anything that explicitly or directly talks about creativity. You have indeed provided some real life experience that encompasses this notion, but did not talk specifically about any. I agree about the part of Organizational ambidexterity, and that it is necessary for better understanding of organizational planning and the balance among both exploitation and exploration. I also concur with the fact of competitive advantage significance, although I think you mentioned more than enough about it. At length, I strongly agree with the good management system statement at the end of your response. Managers have to be transformation and transaction leaders so that a competitive, long-term, and effective system exists for a substantial period of time (Carroll 2004).

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Review 3 for Andrew’s response

The way you have discussed creativity and its importance, and then linked it to exploitation and exploration is noticeably good. You have presented you ideas explicitly and at the same time thoroughly. Creativity does in fact play a major role in both of the approaches, thus attaining valuable products eventually. The clothing example and the fact that a company must incorporate a new and innovative facet to their line of production, is substantial. After all, in order to outshine and compete in this rapidly changing world, organization must fundamentally engage in uniqueness, quality, and value. I agree that ambidexterity is the utmost better implementation when it comes to exploitation and exploration being merged together and simultaneously executed. Your furniture company example has set a straightforward and lucid demonstration of how critical it is to balance between exploitation and exploration to achieve strategic standing and increased efficiency and effectiveness. Moreover, creativity again comes into light and proves to be a requisite for any organization’s strategic and competitive success (March 1991).

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