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The Hunger Games Book Summary

Chapter 21 shows that Katniss does everything possible to hide the cave. If she wouldn’t succeed, Petta couldn’t have any chance. She has a lot of thoughts in her head and she doesn`t expect to have much sleep. She thinks about home and Prim, she doesn’t know what they are doing at this moment. She worries about Gales’ feelings and dreams, about possibility of Gale being her boyfriend. In the early morning she wakes up and goes off after giving a kiss to Peeta for the cameras. Suddenly she hears a knife from the right side, the second one gets across her forehead and a lot of blood flows down her face. Clove talks about how she's going to enjoy killing her, as they killed her friend, Rue. Thresh beats Katniss to a death with a rock. Katniss says that they were allies with Rue, but Thresh says that there would not be a second chance for her. She runs away to cave but loses consciousness there.

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The next chapter of the book illustrates how Katniss wakes up from a sleep but it seems to her that she is at home near her mother. Instead, she was in a damp cave, but Peeta was near and this made her calm down. She says it seems to her that they could be friends with Thresh if there were no Games and she thinks that she doesn’t want anyone else to die, but she says nothing not to show weakness. There is not much food but Katniss knows that they have to give more romance to get more of it. She tries to be very nice to Peeta. She also wonders if his love to her is real. This moment she kisses Peeta and gains a reward for it. A big basket of food was sent down on a parachute.

In chapter 23 we can see that during the night shown in this part she was thinking about Thresh and she was very sad about his death, but she hid her pain very deep. She gives a promise to help his family in the case she wins this Game. She thinks about the victory and home, about time when there would be no need to do everything to survive in these conditions. Still she thinks that her children would not be free from reaping even if she wins. She looks at Peeta and thinks about Gale and his thoughts about her looking at Peeta. The next day, they went for hunting, but needed to be separate as Peeta was too loud. Katniss notices that cheese is gone, but Peeta says it was not him to eat the products and proposed her some berries. Examining them she notices that these berries are poisonous. Afterwards, they hear the sound of cannon and they see Foxface. Katniss says that she took some of their food and poisoned herself with the nightlock.

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In chapter 24, Katniss admits to have true feelings to Peeta. While she walks through the wood, she is thinking about the Game, about those who died in it. She understands that it comes to its end, but she still has a final battle with Cato. It was good to have a partner doing everything in the Game and she thinks that it is very important that now her partner is with her. The mockingjays bring even more memories to Katniss. Petta makes some comments on her singing and notifies that she is able to make birds sing. After the songs of the birds turn into cries of alarm they understand that Cato is coming. Only one thought about Cato makes them scare, as he would try to kill Petta and Jatniss. Something makes them to be scared even more but they don’t know what it was exactly.

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