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Introduction Avisitel is an information technology team, which is responsible for the preparation of activities and simulation rounds regarding various developments in the field of the information technology. Among notable advances of the team is ...

Computer Languages

Developments in computer technology are mainly witnessed through the establishment of new languages used for computation. One of the latest is LabVIEW, which comprises the platform and structures of other computer languages. It is primarily ...

Galaxy S7

The common feature for companies-giants in the technology industry is to constantly improve and develop their products, in order to stay abreast of the consumer’s continually escalating demands. Samsung is a kind of company that produces ...

Sony Pictures Entertainment Hack

Although the Sony Pictures Entertainment Hack was an example of a well-planned hacking activity, if several security measures were effectively adopted, the scenario could have been prevented and the company could not have experienced the huge ...

Sony’s Battle for Video Game Supremacy

In the past two decades, Microsoft and Sony have been grappled in a fierce video game console battle. Each of them has been hoping that their video game consoles, Xbox, and PlayStation respectively, would rule the online gaming and the Internet Age ...

Technological Interactions

Introduction The advent of a technological age and society brought with it its advantages and disadvantages. Its impact is evident in all areas of human life. Indeed, technology encompasses all aspects of scientific application in the society. One ... Testimonials

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