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The common feature for companies-giants in the technology industry is to constantly improve and develop their products, in order to stay abreast of the consumer’s continually escalating demands. Samsung is a kind of company that produces devices which meet customers’ demands. Recently, the company has released its amazing smartphones - the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. However, Samsung’s loyal customers are looking forward to their new smartphone, the Galaxy S7, its appearance and specific features. A buzz created around the product was huge, so the company should create a perfect promotion strategy for it. In order to make a successful promotion campaign, the company may employ the following opportunities for advertising: public relations, digital marketing, sales promotion, direct marketing, event marketing, and outdoor advertising.

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Advertising is the most common way to promote a product. The company may present their advertisements on television, radio, various posters, leaflets, etc. Besides, it is well known that today, in the world full of technologies, the best place to advertise a product is the Internet. The reason is that it has lots of users; thus, the advertisements will be viewed by a much broader audience. One of the main advertising aspects is to create an effective slogan for a product (Borgeon & Cellich, 2012). Together with a slogan and company’s brand name, potential customers will recognize the product easily. The slogan for Galaxy S7 is “It’s not a phone, it’s a Galaxy” (Borgeon & Cellich, 2012). In addition, using such rhetorical devices in the advertisements as ethos, pathos, and logos, the company’s authorities can influence people’s consciousness and make them want to buy the product.

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Advertising is closely related to public relations, thus, PR is another way to promote the product. As one can see, the examples of public relations aspects comprise newsletters, press releases, public appearances, and so on, including utilization of the World Wide Web (Evans, 2010). One of the PR tools for Galaxy S7 is blog because through this tool, managers of the company provide the target audience with a better insight into the product’s functions and enjoyable peculiarities. An important point is that blogs are very popular among young people; consequently, one can be sure that such a promotion campaign will be noticed (Evans, 2010).

Promoting the product, one cannot use anything else, but digital marketing; Galaxy S7 is not an exception, and the managers decided to employ this opportunity as well. Besides, in the world of rapidly developing technologies, one cannot simply omit the digital marketing strategy (Ryan, 2014). While the Internet remains the most popular source of digital marketing, other aspects include instant mobile messaging, wireless text messaging, podcasts, mobile applications, radio channels, electronic billboards, digital television, etc. (Ryan, 2014). For creating and promoting Galaxy S7, it was decided to use cookies, which are also a type of digital marketing tools, in order to get to know more about target customers’ needs, desires and preferences. This approach will always let the company be able to meet customers’ needs.

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One more step is sales promotion, which can be of two types: consumer sales promotion and trade sales promotion (Graham & Lee, 2011). Such sales promotion tools as various coupons, premiums, point-of-purchase, also known as POP, displays, rebates, contests, prizes, and sweepstakes can be used in Galaxy S7 promotion. Bonus packs deal and price-pack deals are other good ways of promoting the product (Graham & Lee, 2011). For instance, the company may offer its customers two products for the price of one. Galaxy S7 is a major product and any other product under a certain price as a pleasant bonus. In addition, such a long awaited product as Samsung Galaxy S7 should be glorified, which means utilizing small stages that will elevate this product above many others, which will, obviously, make it even more noticeable.

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Though, all of the above mentioned promotion strategies are rather important, direct marketing is among the most essential ones. This strategy includes such tools as email, cell phone text messaging, websites, database marketing, online adverts, fliers, promotional letters, catalog distribution, targeted television, and magazine and newspaper advertisements (Dobkin, 2008). However, the main tools of direct marketing still are various types of direct communication with consumers, such as emails and text messages. Direct communication gives an opportunity to become closer to the targeted audience and influence their opinions more effectively (Dobkin, 2008). The reason is that direct marketing strategy allows to enhance the emotional aspect of advertising. Thus, for Galaxy S7, one can use perfectly compound texts and impressive pictures of the phone, in order to promote it via text messages and emails.

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However, where the managers can turn on their imagination and enhance numerous creative ideas, there is event marketing. For instance, one could organize a flash mob, where a group of people is dancing or making a certain scene, presenting in this way the product Galaxy S7. Another alternative to utilize the event marketing strategy is to gather target audience for a presentation of the product with certain surprises and contests. Besides, one should provide the audience with the idea and even sureness that everyone who attends the event will get a guaranteed gift from the company. The audience should not know which gift exactly they will get. Among such gifts, can be T-shirts with Galaxy S7 print or with the slogan of the product, bracelets, caps and so forth.

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