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Developments in computer technology are mainly witnessed through the establishment of new languages used for computation. One of the latest is LabVIEW, which comprises the platform and structures of other computer languages. It is primarily developed based on the already existing computer languages – MATLAB and C. Therefore, the latter are used to improve the functionality of LabVIEW, help to learn its characteristics, as well as can be used for future advancements in computation.

MATLAB is one of the high-standard languages used by computers. It is primarily used for the general numerical manipulation, including visual analysis, computation, and program development. In addition, MATLAB is used for the analysis of data, algorithm development, and the creation of numerical applications and models. Unlike the traditional languages and spreadsheets, it has tools and in-built numerical functions, which solve problems with efficiency and readily (“MATLAB”). Besides, MATLAB applications can be used in various fields, such as communication and processing of signals, videos and images, financial computations, measurements and tests, systemic control, and biological computations. Whilst it was initially created as a language for programming matrices and linear algebra, now MATLAB is aimed at practical computing. Most professionals use the MATLAB functions and scripts that are compatible with the Octave program. LabVIEW MathScript and GNU Octave are some of the open source software used in MATLAB. Furthermore, the latter primarily deals with vectors and matrices, but can also display graphical data. In matrices, MATLAB uses general mathematical operations – addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication. However, in the case of vectors, it deals with computations based on the co-efficient of linear equations, and graphs use the x and y co-ordinates (“MATLAB”).

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Just like other traditional computer languages, C is one of the imperatives used for programming of computers. It follows a set of steps with the aid of a simple compiling tool. The language also accesses the computer memory readily, understands the instructions from the computer, and utilizes minimal time for support. C was majorly designed for multi-faceted programming, although it has low-standard capabilities. However, the C language, which is compliant with the standards and written in a portable format, can be used in many computer platforms (Brain). In addition, such language can be used in different operating systems if its source codes are slightly transformed. As a result, the language has become available in various platforms, ranging from very tiny controllers to high-standard computers. Being one of the Algol traditional languages, C has a structure type, which blocks unspecified operations. It is used to create a set of instructions for the computer during the programming session. Since the language is compiled, it must be transformed into the one that can be executed by the computer. The first form can be read by humans, while the second is readable by the computer (Brain).

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The Laboratory Virtual Instrument Engineering Workbench (LabVIEW) is a language designed for programming of visual features. It is mainly used for graphical features, as well as the acquisition of data, control of instruments, and the automation of business. It was initially used in Macintosh (Apple). However, the use has extended to other features, such as Linux, Windows (Microsoft), and many other operating systems (“NI LabVIEW”). Nowadays, programmers argue that the LabVIEW computer language is still above other languages because it has many benefits. For example, it has a high-level interfacing platform. As such, the language can accommodate many driver interfaces, hardware, and layers for abstraction presented as nodes with graphical extensions. The layers enhance communication between the computer software and the hardware connected to it. On the other hand, drivers minimize the development time for programs. Just like C, LabVIEW has a compiling feature for connecting to the CPU’s platform by producing native codes. Through compilation and syntax interpretation, the code is transformed into the one executable by the machine. Another benefit of using LabVIEW is that it boasts of a wide range of libraries, which carry out many duties. They use interfaces for the acquisition of data, generation of signals, mathematical calculation, statistical analysis, as well as conditioning of signals, and have many other functions (“NI LabVIEW”).

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To conclude, LabVIEW can be viewed in two ways, as an upgrade of C and MATLAB or as a combination of the two. This language has features of both MATLAB and C, and therefore it is seen as a development of the two because it is the latest invention in the field of computer languages. Despite sharing the same features with other languages, LabVIEW is still better than they are. Just like other computer languages, it is developed from C. Some of the general features of the latter found in LabVIEW include the acquisition of data, control of instruments, and the automation of businesses. Similar to the C language, LabVIEW can be used in a wide range of machines as it also has interfaces used for communicating with both software and hardware. However, LabVIEW shares many features with the MATLAB language. The two languages can be used for numerical manipulation. In addition, the syntax used in LabVIEW mathematical computation is also compatible with the MATLAB language. Therefore, learning the basics of these languages is essential for future computing. For example, the knowledge can help in handling various computing problems, as well as developing other computer languages that are easier to use and more economic.

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