Free «Chipotle: Future Marketing Solutions to Keep Current Sales/Profit and How to Expand More in the Future» Essay

Chipotle: Future Marketing Solutions to Keep Current Sales/Profit and How to Expand More in the Future

Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc. is a chain of fast food restaurants, which successfully serves in the USA, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, and France with a specific cuisine focus on burritos and tacos. The fast food restaurant is rather popular in the countries; however, the competition in the fast food industry increases and the organization must think about the possible marketing solutions on how to expand more in the future and to reach success in other parts in the world. Fresh food and online ordering with home delivery may be the best strategies to increase the sales. Additionally, offering some traditional food for other regions may be a good decision for expanding in other countries in the future.

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Modern people have become more preoccupied with their health. Therefore, even going to the fast food restaurant, many people would prefer to have some healthy menu. According to Schreiner and Warshaw (2007), fast food can be healthy and such fast food restaurant chains as McDonalds have already referred to this new tendency. Chipotle should also consider this as a good opportunity to attract a new category of customers. Chipotle should develop a new menu with stew chicken meat and vegetables. Besides, the restaurant chain should offer fresh juices and smoothies. Such menu will increase the number of customers that will enhance the sales (Schreiner & Warshaw, 2007). People are interested in easy vegetarian food and food full of vitamins. This is a great opportunity for the fast food chain to satisfy the needs of the society.

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Modern TV, Internet and other means of mass media actively share the information about healthy eating and its advantages. Therefore, Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc. does not need even to spend costs on promotion of this new menu. Advertising plays an important role in the modern business world. The advertising is necessary; however, the very fact of a presence of a new menu in this fast food chain will become a good advertising and strategic step. Overall, different strategies to advertising must be present. The research conducted among the visitors of fast food restaurants in the cities has defined the following most popular advertising strategies, radio ads, discount coupons, online ads, and offered samples of food (Jackson, Titz, & Defranco, 2004)

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The opportunity to have online orders and home delivery is another strategy to apply to with the purpose to increase the sales. The fast food restaurant chain has its website where customers may get acquainted with the menu, the addresses of the restaurants, and other useful data. This option needs additional costs and a good strategic approach to creating a strong distribution system. The Chipotle management should think about creating a possibility to order food online and to have it delivered to the homes within the shortest period of time. Such option is cost-consuming; however, it is sure to have the higher profit. What is more, online ordering may be restricted by ordering only without home delivery. People in the modern world got used to different digital technologies and their use in daily life. Many people just do not want to stand in lines to have an opportunity to order, they would prefer to make an order online than just to come and take it. According to Brandau (2013), customers become “increasingly connected to computers and wireless devices, digital ordering fits neatly into the new way they consume by letting them order their food - often a favorite, habitual purchase - ahead of time, skipping lines and avoiding frustrating human interactions”. The same idea is also supported by National Restaurant Association (2012).

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Gaining new markets at the international arena should become another priority for the organization. Chipotle has already strengthened its positions in the countries mentioned above, and to become an extended international fast food restaurant chain it has to develop its representation in other countries of the world. It may create a very serious competition for McDonalds. Moreover, this factor creates a lot of difficulties in entering a new market. Apart from presenting its traditional variety of burritos and tacos, Chipotle should develop some traditional menu with the attention to the cuisine of each country. Such interesting and new strategy may become a good opportunity for the company to turn into a leading fast food chain in a new country. Having decided to enter international markets, the company is sure to have some priority as it is already possible to have the information about the attitude to fast food products in this or that country. Basically, Mukherjee (2014) insists that to have a successful expansion of the new markets, a fast food chain should get to know the image of the parent brand and the quality perception about the product. This information may be useful in new markets.

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In conclusion, Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc. is a successful fast food restaurant chain. Having good activities and being popular among consumers, the company should still search for new ways of profit increase and extension of the market share. Offering fresh food and online ordering are the best ways in increasing the number of customers and, as a result, the number of sales. Additionally, advertising campaigns must be provided. One more way to increase the company’s profit is to find new markets by means of locating in other countries. Offering a traditional menu may become one of the ways to attract customers directly after launching new restaurants in new countries.

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