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Online customers are essential for the functioning of today’s business, particularly in this world of developed technology. While physical involvements of business activity attract quite a number of them, the presence of online marketing is of great significance in improving the business. However, many entrepreneurs still struggle to attract more customers to their online business. This situation happens because they do not know how to go about it or they do not give their online customers enough attention. Therefore, a company needs a good strategy to make its online business prosperous. The paper will recommend a strategy to attract online customers; it will tell whether the strategy will include pop-ups and the reasons to include or not to include them.

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Strategy to Attract Online Customers

Blogging, Forums, and Social Media

Blogging increases the amount of potential customers for an online business. The content in the blog influences the decisions made by many customers to purchase particular items. Similarly, most clients become more attentive as well as they do more research before they buy various products online. According to Parkin (2009), the information contained in the blog offers to a company a greater exposure when searching the results and it gives a more qualified traffic. The company should share information, such as the latest developments and news from the business as well as success stories of the previous customers who have gained benefits from various products as well as resource posts, to entice social shares and traffic. The blog content of the business should show its nature as well as the type of products on sale.

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Furthermore, other places such as forums and social media sites like Facebook and Twitter enable people to have their discussions online. Therefore, for a company to give information concerning their products, it should participate responsibly and give helpful advice openly (Handley & Chapman, 2012). Additionally, the managers of the company should ensure that they are aware of the terms and conditions of each site and abide by them to avoid ruining their reputation.

Reasons for Including Pop-ups in the Strategy

My strategy will include pop-ups because it directs more web traffic to a promotional website when the customers visit a particular website. Whenever a person visits a website, a pop-up window appears persuading him to visit the certain website that offers some gifts. Furthermore, they also provide significant information to the visitors. When surfing the web, the user finds pop-up windows that give information on wellness, health, and the latest trends. These advertisements are more informational than promotional, (Gonzalez 2014).

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 Another reason for including pop-ups in my strategy is that they help the company to create email addresses that are important for its list building. When a person uses the pop-up advertisements, he can use them either without permission or in an opt-in way. In the latter, the pop-up window appears when the user is halfway or when he is about to leave the promotional website. asking him whether he wishes to get newsletters of the promotion products or services. The user has the option to either enter his email address or even to abandon it. However, it depends on the choice of the user.


In conclusion, online customers are imperative for the functioning of today's business. Nevertheless, many entrepreneurs find it difficult to attract more customers to their online business due to little attention that they give them. Blogging, forums, and social media will help the business to become successful. My strategy will include pop-ups since it will direct more web traffic to a promotional website when the customers visit a particular website, and it helps a company to create email addresses that are vital for its list building.

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