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Business Start-Up Technology Proposal

Business proposal is a description of ensuring specific goals achieved for business plan. The directions of description include the overall budget, accounting procedures, technology packages, marketing and sales strategies, and products or services to start-up a business. Technology is important to ensure efficiency in business operations, enable up-to-date information of the operating activities, easy accessibility of financial records, and to foster ample communication and security within the business system. To achieve a competitive advantage in modern business, do we need to purchase today’s technology?

According to Microsoft (2010), the hardware most suitable for restaurant business is a desktop computer composed of hardware and software, and laptop, which is good for mobility. A personal computer (PC) will require power supply and motherboard. According to Prenhall (2014), the motherboard consists of “ROM (Read-Only Memory), a CPU (Central processing Unit), RAM (Random Access Memory) and BIOS (Basic Input/output System)”.

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Next, laptop and tablet PCs provide portability where travelling is involved. This is an important hardware, which allows negotiating deals with clients in different parts far from home. An office phone connected to PC and mobile technology are needed to help in the communication process with restaurant customers and to make deals and in the long-run save money and increase efficiency (Microsoft, 2010).

The operating system best suited for restaurant business plan is Windows 7 due to its compatibility with today’s technology programs. According to Prenhall (2014), the system allows acting and running of inputted data in the computer; additionally, other systems can be used, which include Windows XP, Linux, and Mac OS. The boot-up is completed through BIOS start-up by the operating system.

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Additionally, the peripherals, which are disk drivers, a keyboard, scanner, monitor, and printer, are required (Prenhall, 2014). Peripherals, both input and output devices, are required to be purchased. Output device, a monitor, which uses LCD technology applied for both Laptop and PC display, is to display the data and information process. A mouse and keyboard are useful input devices in the control of mouse pointer and control programs action. A hard disk and optical drive will help with storage and usage of external information on DVDs (Prenhall, 2014). A Bluetooth device is necessary in wireless networking to help in sharing of information within the available networks. Laser printer will assist in printing the necessary for business documentation.

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To communicate, send and share information with the outside world through computer, the internet is important. According to Prenhall (2014), through internet you can surf, read, and send mails electronically throughout the World Wide Web (WWW). The restaurant business requires an e-commerce for carrying out its supplies for business like The Cloud and Wi-Fi usage allows access to a various clients’ information through web browser. This enables requesting and accepting orders from suppliers through online shopping. To connect to the internet for restaurant business, there is the effective and affordable way through dialup access, where both a modem and phone line are connected. Where there are more than two computers to create a network, a router is used to connect the computers to a modem in order to enable internet accessibility (Prenhall, 2014). A wireless network will allow access from every coverage point of the business through the use of wireless router and modem.

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With the help of the internet the company data are available to the personnel of the business who are in the network. Security is important in keeping the restaurant data information safe from potential hackers. There are many viruses, which may come through emails, like Trojan horse or spam used to destroy data. Security is important, so it is necessary to install protective up-to-date software, like McAfee. Security software should have an Anti-spam option. (Microsoft, 2010). In order to avoid the data from being stolen, there is the need for network passwords. Strong password will secure business information in the network.

There is a need to learn how to use the application software for Windows and internet environment. Application software is necessary for performance of such key computer processes as writing letters, internet browsing through various programs like Microsoft Word 2010, Mozilla Firefox, Adobe Reader and others (Microsoft, 2010). Most of these programs can be obtained through public domain websites and installed. Training on the internet and email usage is very important (Prenhall, 2014).

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According to Microsoft (2010), the restaurant supply business will require three desktop computers for staff at a cost of $1,000, each inclusive of the mouses, keyboards, disk drivers, monitors; one laptop at a cost of $1,400; Tablet PC at a cost of $600; one modem at a cost of $300; one router at a cost of $200, inclusive of installation costs, and one laser printer at a cost of $700 (Prenhall, 2014). Additionally, it is necessary to purchase the operating system Windows 7 at $300 and application programs of Microsoft Office, such as Microsoft Word 2010 at $200, and MacAfee at cost of $400 annually (Prenhall, 2014). Total Budget is $7,100.

To conduct business with today’s technologies, there is a need for simple, fast, reliable, and affordable hardware, operating system, communication and networking systems. This provides a competitive advantage in the business world and will allow running the restaurant supply business swiftly and efficiently.

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