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Airline Certification Process

Airline Certification is a process where an accredited third party visits an airline organization and assesses their management systems for issuing a certificate (Haanappel, 2003). The certificate shows that an airline abides by the principles set out by the government in the industry. By earning that certificate, it shows that the airline follows the best industrial process. This process is crucial because it demonstrates to the company’s customers, competitors, suppliers and stakeholders that the company uses the industries most respected practices and policies (Wensveen, 2011).  

Advantages and disadvantages of airline certification

However, the process of certifying an airline can be can be extremely tiring and overwhelming. This is because of the lengthy and many steps required to be followed in order to get certification. If this process is completed, it might bring several benefits to this company. However, careful planning is warranted to avoid the unnecessary delays and frustrations (Wensveen, 2011).  

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The process of certification

The process of certification requires that the company first identifies the standard that requires application, and then contact is made to the third party certification company, which identifies the best service for the aviation organization (Fallows, 2002). This process may require training. A pre-assessment test of the company’s management system is then conducted against the relevant standards. This is necessary for it identifies any problems that may require correction before a formal assessment is conducted (Haanappel, 2003).

Effects to airline costs

The prices may of travel may be affected due to the high cost and length process of certification (Fallows, 2002). Certification process requires a lot of funds for constant planning, more staff to work on the process, the purchase of expensive up to date certified equipments, such as tracking devices. Indeed, the process of airline certification can be well streamlined without reducing the safety of the travelers by relocation during the implementation and testing process.

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