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I am in a group counseling course pursing my Master’s Degree in Counseling. Yes, counseling not psychology. In this course we are practicing counseling techniques with our classmates in a group setting. We were given an assignment with little direction so the paper can focus on one aspect or many different aspects of substance abuse group counseling. Here are the following instructions we were given: 

*The student will produce a minimum 10 page (not including cover page, abstract and references) paper discussing a related topic of their choice and approved by the instructor. The paper should address not only the topic but also how it will complement the student’s overall professional identity. The paper is to be done in APA (5th edition) format with references. References must be primary and not summative in nature (works produced specifically on the topic rather than textbooks summarizing the original works).

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The textbook we are using in class is Group Process and Practice 8th edition by Corey but again we cannot use this text. She prefers using journal articles, personal experiences,  “how to”etc.

My thoughts…..

Research paper will be my perspective (as a Licensed Professional Counselor) and how I would facilitate a “group” counseling session for individuals dealing with substance abuse issues.

My generic outline:

1.) Explain the dynamic of a common substance abuse group (age, gender, maximum number of occupants) outline what rules and boundaries the counselor would set up front. Discuss establishing rapport and confidentiality needed at the onset of any counseling session from the Texas code of ethics.  What would be the desired role of me as the counselor and the client? Because I am not familiar with drugs I would need to research and include the most common types of drug users that would seek counseling and why they are seeking for assistance? Maybe even find some stats on this issue.

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2.) What would be the best type of counseling technique to use in a group counseling session for substance abuse? (Example: cognitive behavioral therapy, rational-emotive, gestalt etc) Use stories and articles to support this because this is important in our class discussions.

- What is the purpose of counseling for this population?

- What is the goal of the counselor and/or client? How would a counseling session go?

- what type of techniques based on the theory selected what the counselor (me) use to get the client to identify the underlying problems and use self-disclosure?

- Based on the theory being used will it include any homework, empty-chair technique based on the working stage of counseling? Recovery groups often write a letter to parents, families, the drug itself. Sometimes role reversal, games are used in a counseling session.

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3.) What would be some challenges facing clients and counselors?

- Silence and lack of cooperation

- Client resistance

- Recidivism and how this would affect the entire session

Counselors do not give advice, avoid using countertransference, do not prescribe medication and they focus on helping the client deal with their feelings and coping with their issues.

I hope you can help.


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