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Life Driving Force

Who knows what future holds? “Everyday Use” is an interesting story by Alice Walker who was born in 1944 (Walker 120). The story commences with Maggie standing hopelessly in a corner with grief. She goes through hardships without knowing what will happen in future. The story is narrated by Mama who starts imagining a TV scene in which a successful child is confronted by her parents who start crying (Walker 120). She embraces them and appreciates their efforts in which without them, she could not have made it in life (Walker 120). Mama does any available job to make her life successful. She wishes Maggie to have a bright future despite her bitter and desperate today. There are various important themes in this story showing what people go through in life, among them: suffering, hard work, and love.

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Human beings undergo suffering in their day to day activities. It is natural for a man to face these challenges as no one can avoid them. The painful events can impact on the life of an individual negatively and make them give up. Many people tend to lose hope and despair when go through multiple hardships. They traumatize and discourage the victims from moving on with life. Despite all the suffering Maggie goes through, she still succeed in future. She has scars from past burns (Walker 121). She feels bitter and hates reality as well as herself. She suffers physically, psychological and emotionally especially when she sees her normal sister and feels she cannot succeed without her assistance (Walker 121). She was finally married by a wealthy man and life became comfortable (Walker 126).

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On the second point, determination is the main driving force in life. It has become hard to place the daily bread on the table making every person is struggling in order to make ends meet. All the same, different people are experienced in different areas and find it hard to take all classes of work as they are still selective. They are looking for high class and white collar jobs which are scarce. Mama really works hard doing men’s jobs successfully. She can do any work that comes around to make life more comfortable because of her determination (Walker 121).

Love brings two individuals together. It is through love that a man and a woman leave their parents to start living together as a husband and a wife. Upon the mention of the word affection, people think of a beautiful lady that catches the attraction of all in her catwalk. However, love is blind. You can fall in love with someone whether less privileged or not. Maggie was lame after she was burnt in a burning house. Mama says Maggie walks like a lame dog that was ran over by a careless rich person who owns a car (Walker 121). However, she found a spouse who was rich and cute despite the scars that defaced her (Walker 122). John Thomas was ready to settle down with this girl and live together forever. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Maggie was lovable and presentable in Thomas John’s eyes irrespective of her physical impairment (Walker 126).

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In conclusion, “Everyday Use” has helpful topics such as suffering, hard work, and love. Life is full of challenges and requires human beings to persevere in every hardship. It is through these life driving forces that we emerge victorious.

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