Free «Staffing Unit 7 Applications Part 1» Essay

Staffing Unit 7 Applications Part 1

1. It seems to me quite difficult to choose an employee, as there are several assessments that can be used. However, I consider some of them more important than others. I think that a drug test is important because it can show the state of the person’s psychical health. I would not select the person who has positive drug test results. However, it is not the main factor. The person may have a negative drug test but be a bad worker.

The second important factor is experience. A person with great experience is likely to work better than a less experienced one. In addition, a company does not need to teach an experienced worker that much. Cognitive ability is also very important. A person should always learn something new if he/she wants to work better. The more person knows, the fewer mistakes he/she makes during the work. Integrity test is of great significance as well. Any worker should be honest. If the worker is dishonest, a company many suffer losses or lose its reputation. However, some integrity tests are not perfect and may cause mistakes as a result. So it is important to develop an effective integrity test. I would also weigh a background test. I would hesitate about employing the person who was once arrested or imprisoned. Such person is more likely to be dishonest and break the rules of the company. I would also not hire the worker who was often dismissed on his/her fault.

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A brief interview is important. However, it may not show all the skills and drawbacks of the candidate. While being interviewed, a person may simply lose his/her spirits and not answer all the questions at the highest level he/she is able. It can happen that a person is asked some questions he/she does not know well, but is not asked about the things he/she really knows.

2. I would select candidates stepwise, because it can be difficult to make a choice at once. In the beginning, I would like to say what candidates I would not select at all. I would not select Marianne. She was arrested in the past, so she may be a dishonest worker. In addition, she has a poor interview rating. I would also not select Galina, because she does not have a college degree and has a low rating of cognitive ability test. I would not select Radhu either, because his experience is lower than the minimum requirement.

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It is quite difficult to select three persons of the nine remaining. In order to do it, I can count their overall rating. To make it easier, it is better to consider only numeral assessments. They include company experience, performance rating, cognitive ability test, integrity test, and interview rating. I am going to sum up the results of applicants’ tests. Merv has 32 points, Helmut has 23 points, Siobhan has 42 points, Raul has 27 points, Frank has 28 points, Osvaldo has 36 points, Byron has 37 points, and Aletha has 33 points.

Among all eight applicants, I would like to select five. At last, among them I would select three to pass the training program. Therefore, I would select Merv, Siobhan, Osvaldo, Byron, and Aletha, because their scores are the highest. To choose three out of them, I would carefully analyze their results. During the final selection, I would consider company experience, performance rating, and integrity test as the most important criteria. They can be the most helpful in work. The results of those tests are as follows: Merv has 21 points, Siobhan has 27 points, Osvaldo has 23 points, Byron has 28 points, and Aletha has 21 points. I would select Siobhan, Osvaldo, and Byron, as their ratings are the highest.

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3. I consider assessment program of Come As You Are not bad. Different tests are used in it, and they can help appreciate applicants from different points of view. These tests help study people’s experience, education, background, cognitive ability, performance, and other important things for job.

However, I think that this assessment program may be improved. The results of the test are usually measured in points. Nevertheless, the importance of each test is not officially stated. As a result, when several candidates have the same sum of points, it can be difficult to decide whom to select. Thus, I would recommend Come As You Are to determine the importance of each test, for example, in percent.

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The other issue is that the program is half-day long. I think it is too short because it may be difficult to see all the abilities and drawbacks of the person during this period. A person may become tired or worried during the program and not to represent his/her abilities properly. I would recommend Come As You Are to make their program longer and their tests more extensive. For example, it can make the program one or two days long and include more tests in it.

To make the tests more effective and representative, it would be good to add some more criteria devoted to applicants’ job. For instance, if the applicants are sellers, managers, or other workers who deal with clients often, the ethical, communicative, and other test, can be provided. The other examples of tests can include:

  • A typing test for secretarial and clerical jobs.
  • A spelling test for a job where spelling is important, i.e., secretarial, proof reading.
  • A visual accuracy test is used where paying attention to detail is necessary. (Pickers and packers are often asked to pass this type of test) (Candidate Testing).

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