Free «Staffing Unit 8 Applications Part 1» Essay

Staffing Unit 8 Applications Part 1

1. I have chosen the hospital to learn about staffing job. It is not very large: about 30 physicians and 20 other workers work there. The hospital provides a wide range of medical services.

There are two staffing jobholders there. One of them is HR manager who has been working there for 5 years, and another is his assistant who was hired a year ago. They perform many functions. HR manager appreciates how many workers the hospital needs now and in the nearest future, plan the recruiting of new staff and the dismissal of the old one. HR manager hires nurses, physicians and service personnel. The HR manager provides staff training and monitoring in order to eliminate possible inaccuracy in employees’ working process. HR manager helps the staff to solve problems related to work. He analyzes payment system in order to see if salary is paid correctly according to the employee’s position and experience level.

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Assistant helps HR manager. She can conduct negotiations with potential employees; hire some workers who do not work directly as medics. Assistant maintains all necessary documentation, resolves some current workers’ problems. She can also monitor some workers and informs HR manager about violations that she has seen.

2. The jobholder’s job title is HR manager. I had been deciding much before I chose his job to study. It became interesting for me because I have several friends who work in staffing, but no one of them works in hospital. Therefore, I decided to study HR manager in the hospital.

I think that this job is interesting and very responsible, because the job of medics is responsible. In other industries HR managers work too, but I believe that they are less morally responsible. For example, HR manager hires a worker who works as a seller or consultant. If the worker works badly, the company may suffer material losses or it may influence their reputation. Nevertheless, they can hire other worker who will work better.

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Hospitals are quite different. Medics are not only materially, but also morally responsible. On their work depends someone’s health and sometimes life. Moreover, I think that the HR manager who hires doctors is morally responsible, too. He/she must carefully choose the staff to work in the hospital, because people can suffer if the doctor is unskilled.

That is why the HR manager in the hospital must be very responsible. For this reason, I chose this job to study.

3. The tasks performed by the chosen HR manager in the hospital are various; however, most of them are similar to common tasks of such managers (Becoming a Hospital Human Resource Manager). The most important among them are:

Personnel hiring

Personnel management

Claims handling

Training and monitoring the staff

Providing professional development programs

State and Federal Regulations education

Staff retention

Organizing communication between staff and administration

Salary management

KSAOs necessary for the job of hospital HR manager may be different according to the type and size of the hospital (Role of an HR Manager in a Hospital). However, some of them are common. In the hospital that I have chosen, there are strict requirements to the HR manager. He/she must have a high school diploma or bachelor's degree in HR, business administration, management or a related discipline. Communicative and managerial skills are desirable. It is a plus to have basic knowledge of medicine and medical legislation. Experience of work, better in a hospital or a clinic is required. However, if you do not have experience, you can be hired as HR manager’s assistant. If you work well and study this job, you can become an HR manager in 2 or 3 years.

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4. Hospital HR manager may receive many intrinsic and extrinsic rewards. I would like to start with extrinsic rewards as more easily noticeable than intrinsic.

The main extrinsic reward is salary, of course. The salary of a skilled hospital HR manager is usually good. He/she may also receive premiums, when the administration is satisfied with his/her work.

However, intrinsic rewards are important, too. Like other HR managers, hospital HR manager can get regard from the administration and the staff. Staff appreciates HR manager for good work and good workers hired. Staff appreciates HR manager for his/her regard to workers, attempts to solve their problems, providing effective communications between them and the administration.

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It may seem strange, but the other important intrinsic reward is respect from hospital clients or even society. As it was stated above, the job of hospital HR manager is morally responsible. If clients are satisfied with hospital services, HR manager is glad, because it was he/she who hired good medical staff. If the medical services are of good quality, the whole society will appreciate medicals better. It will be pleasant for hospital HR managers, because they hire medical personnel, they monitor workers and they always try to make medicine better.

5. A job of hospital HR manager has many common staffing as well as unique characteristics. There are even some that were a surprise for me when I heard about them from hospital HR manager. For example, I did not expect that hospital HR managers should have basic knowledge of medicine and medical legislation. I thought that they just need to know management and other related disciplines. However, the medical knowledge is important. Without it, it would be difficult to hire good medical staff, to audit it and to resolve medical workers’ problems.

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However, the most unexpected for me was HR managers’ moral responsibility. I thought that they are just responsible to their administration. Nevertheless, healthcare is a unique sphere. Workers there are not only materially, but also morally responsible, because people’s health and lives depend on them. In addition, hospital HR managers are even more morally responsible than physicians and nurses. They hire staff, and they should choose it properly. Bad medical staff of one hospital will be a reason to its clients’ discontent. Moreover, when many hospitals have bad staff, the whole society will be discontent. Among the people who are responsible for this situation will be HR managers.

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