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Canberra Tourism Destination

Canberra is Australia’s capital city, and it is classified among Australia’s largest cities. To be specific, Canberra is the 8th largest city in Australia. Apparently, the city is situated about 90 miles from the east coast of Australia, about 170 miles from the Southern Western boundary of Sydney and Northeastern boundary of Melbourne, which is about 410 miles. Typically, the city has a dry oceanic climate, that is, the city is warm during hot summers and cool during cold winters, and there is low annual rainfall throughout the year. Interestingly, the lakes elongate from East to West and bisect the city into two. Worth noting is the fact that the location coupled with the good climate makes the city strategic for tourist attraction. Furthermore, the city is a seat of the government. It has governmental institutions such as parliament, High Court, and several governmental departments and agencies. Also, the city is endowed with social and cultural organizations such as National library, National Museum, Australian Institute of Sport, Australian War Memorial, and Australian National University, just to mention a few (Higham 2005). Moreover, the city has numerous stylish shops and restaurants which attract tourists. In addition, there are sport and recreational activities. The above mentioned aspects make this city one of the best sites for tourist attraction. Due to tourism, the citizens of Canberra have experienced a low rate of unemployment and high income. As a matter of fact, tourism has a positive impact on the citizens and the entire nation. The paper endeavors to explain why Canberra is a successful tourism destination. Also, the paper highlights the impact of Canberra as a tourism destination.

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Apparently, for the city to be a successful tourism destination, it must possess a stable and peaceful environment for tourists. In addition, the city must have proper infrastructure and social amenities that facilitate tourism. Not to mention, the city must provide numerous features which intend to attract and entice citizenry. To start with, Canberra has an enabling climate, which is a dry oceanic climate, attracting tourists both in winter and summer. Also, the city experiences a low annual rainfall which spreads equally throughout the season and, as such, facilitates and promotes tourism activities (Laws 2011). Apparently, Canberra has a splendid infrastructure which permits tourism activities. To start with, the International Airport terminal enables tourists from different countries to travel to Canberra. Also, the city has a Canberra Railways Station, which facilitates the tourist activities within Australia.

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The city has many features which enable it to be a successful tourism destination. To start with, the New Parliament House is located in the center of the city. The House was constructed around 1988. Interestingly, it is a post-modern building which has a well-designed exterior built in the form of an attractive boomerang shape which stunningly stands over the Capital Hill. Similarly, the House has a glass construction which adds even more beauty. When the Parliament is not in session, tourists are guided through the house so that they can view the attractive exterior features.

There is also Black Mountain Tower, which is a strategic location for viewing the city and its surrounding. It is a large telecommunication tower positioned at the summit of the mountain. At the peak, one can view the majesty of the city and its surrounding (Carlsen & Charters 2006). Notably, the site has attracted thousands of tourists. Interesting to note is the fact that most of the tourists and citizens of Canberra prefer to visit the Black Mountain Tower with their lovers. Apparently, some of the attractive features of the city can be viewed from the mountain tower.

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Canberra has a National Museum of Australia, which is located at the top of the Acton Peninsula, alongside the northern shores of the Lake Burley Griffin. The Museum has both historical and cultural background of the country, and it motivates the public to come and know more about their history. It also attracts tourists who have interest in understanding the history and culture of Canberra. The museum has ancient paintings, which make the site more attractive and beautiful. In addition, the construction is painted with several colors, which also decorate the museum.

Another landmark in Canberra is the National Zoo and Aquarium, which is situated along Lake Burley Griffin. The West part of Lake Burley Griffin is occupied by about 25 acres of natural habitat of various animals and plants. Animals such as dingoes, kangaroos, Tasmanians and koalas can be seen here. Similarly, other endangered species can also be viewed, for example, the unique tiglon, leopards, cheetahs, lions etc. Interestingly, this is the only park in the entire Australia where tourists can come across the zoo and aquarium simultaneously. The above mentioned animals and plants present an attraction for tourists.

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The city has the Australian National Botanic Garden, which offers a recreational and relaxing environment. The garden is endowed with abundant plant species, for instance, it has rainforest, alpine trees, desert plantation and other species. Apparently, the botanic garden offers a tranquil environment, which enables the public to fully enjoy themselves.

The Australia War Memorial, which offers accolade to soldiers and all those who participated in the Australia war, is also among the famous memorials. It is located to the East side of the city center, on the northern part of the lake Burley Griffin. The memorial has a large green garden and a splendid building. The public usually pays a visit to the memorial to offer their tribute to the soldiers. Apparently, tourists from different countries also travel to Australia just to view the Australian War Memorial.

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Interesting to note is the fact that Canberra has a native park and reserves, which are found just around the city. The public does not need to travel far since the reserve and park are just within the city.

The city has stylish hotels and restaurants which offer quality accommodation and quality food and wine. The tourists do not need to travel outside the city looking for restaurants (Theobald 2013). Worth noting is the fact that the city has quality shops and markets. The topography of the city enables sporting activities such as mountain riding. Due to the mentioned features, landmarks, luxurious hotels and restaurants, Canberra is ranked as the top tourism attraction city in Australia; furthermore, the city is among the leading tourism cities in the world.

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The above mentioned features and landmarks make the city a success tourism destination. The city has many landmarks, a stable and peaceful environment, superb climate, and strategic location. All these make the city a success tourism destination. On the other hand, a number of tourists have clamored for the small space of the city and cold winters.

The tourism has a significant impact on the city as well the nation as a whole. To start with, the rate of unemployment in the town has significantly reduced. Apparently, the populace has been employed in the tourism sector. The tourist shops, hotels and restaurants have also employed the citizens. Secondly, the cash flow in the Canberra is high; this indicates that the income of individuals in the city is high. As a result, the standard of living of the citizens has also improved. This means that the members of the city are living a decent life as compared to the standard of living in other cities. The government of Australia also generates revenue from tourism. Reportedly, tourism forms a high percentage of the total revenue of Australia government.

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From the above discussion, we can confidently conclude that Canberra is a successful tourism destination. This can be seen from the favorable dry oceanic climate, which enables tourists to visit the city both in summer and winter. Furthermore, the city has the Parliament, the High Court, and several governmental departments and agencies. Canberra has New Parliament House, which offers an attractive design. It also has several landmarks and extraordinary features. There is Australia War Memorial, which is visited to pay tribute to the soldiers and the participants of the Australia war. Also, the city has National Zoo and Aquarium, which have different animal and plant species. The Black Mountain Tower is visited to view the city and its surrounding. Additionally, the city has the Australian National Botanic Garden, which acts as a recreation site. Tourism reduces unemployment rate and increases the income of citizens of the city.

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