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Quality Systems

Quality management systems and continuous quality improvement are critical for the continued success of companies such as “Pizza One.” “Pizza One” company is the company made up of several pizza shops which offers different types and sizes of pizza for dining in as well as carrying out and delivery. The operations of this company and customer satisfaction can be enhanced using the above model and application of quality management systems encouraged by ISO 9000 standards. Indeed, ISO 9000 fits in this model as it encourages a focus on products, customers, processes, management, and resources. This model can therefore be applied to the “Pizza One” situation as follows.

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Product Rationalization

Customers only buy products that have the utility that can satisfy their needs. Therefore, products must be tailored to meet customers’ expectations. The tailoring of the product is what entails product rationalization. Find out what customers want and how to rationalize products through a market research to determine customers’ needs and incorporate them into the creation of the product. Once the products are ready, they are delivered to customers.

Customers and Customer Feedbacks

Customers are important stakeholders of the company. In fact, the factory exists to meet their expectations. This is why their ideas should be used in the product rationalization process. Once the products are ready, they are distributed to the customers who draw their utility and then comment by virtue of feedback. It is important for the management to evaluate the feedbacks to determine which one presents realistic expectations that can be pursued by the company to increase customers’ satisfaction, and which one presents unrealistic expectations.

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Measurement, Analyses and Improvement

The production and distribution of products to the customers does not mark the end of product development. Due to the need for continuous product improvement, the product produced after the rationalization must be examined and measured to determine the room for improvement. The product must be tested to determine whether it meets the required standards. If it fails to meet these standards, appropriate measures must be taken to ensure that the product is improved. During the measuring and the analyses phase, customer feedbacks are a critical component of reference. Feedbacks are a reflection of what customers want and can help product developers discern what they may not have done to the product or what they need to do to a product. Whoever is in charge of the analyses must on the basis of the findings recommend to the management options for improvement of the product to enhance customer satisfactions. This ensures the continuous improvement of products.

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Management Responsibility

According to ISO 9000 QMS standards, management is at the center of the ever process and functions within the organization. It is the management that commissions all activities involved in product research and provides resources for product rationalization and productions. Furthermore, it is the management that acts upon customers’ feedbacks and suggestions for improvement. Concerning the case of “Pizza One”, the management should be empowered to oversee the incorporation of customers’ feedbacks and the product rationalization process to ensure that there is maximum customer satisfaction.

Resource Management

The production of a complete package of pizza entails a combination of various resources and production factors. Discerning and maintaining optimum combination of resources ensures that the firm remains competitive by reducing the costs involved in production and therefore enhances its ability to offer high quality pizza at competitive prices

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Implementation of quality management systems can be beneficial and can facilitate continuous quality improvement and “Pizza One”. This ensures efficiency in the production process, high quality products, customer satisfaction, and royalty.

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