Free «Contribution of the Review to Harry's Development» Essay

Contribution of the Review to Harry's Development

360 degree feedback is a survey that assists in understanding the strengths and weaknesses of managers and leaders. Harry Trout, a leader in Texas State Agency-Spring 2002 has his 360 degrees feedback prepared. The review gives the whole details of Harry Trout. This means his strongholds and weaknesses are well defined. The two define his current status in terms of development. The basic aim of writing this paper is to outline the positive impacts of the review on Harry’s development.

Development of leadership is an important process for managers and leaders. The process is continuous as the individual gets more experienced and assumes more responsibility levels. The 360 degree feedback highly affects both individual and organizational development. In this case we will consider the individual level (Massingham, Nguyet & Massingham, 2011). At this level, the 360 Degree feedback portrays the individual perspective as viewed by peers and subordinates. Harry Trout in our case is made to appear ordinary. This contributes to the accurate results.

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To start with, the review will basically build Harry Trout. The fact that 360 Degree Feedback groups the data into five roles makes it even more sensible. The categorizing of the roles makes Harry Trout gain from each category independently. First, we consider the first role, communicator. As a leader and a manager too, Harry Trout has to play the role of investigating information transmission. This also entails provision of accurate data. The 360 Degree review will equip Harry Trout with such required skills (Wu et al., 2014). Harry will achieve this through learning his failures and the perfection points. The review clearly outlines what Harry needs to do in order to perfect his communication. This will basically promote the rate of development of Harry Trout. The review has it that Harry listens carefully, writes clearly and asks for input. These are the strongholds of Harry in development. Thus the review will positively improve the communication skills of Harry. This will result to a development at higher pace.

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Leadership is the next role in the review. Basically, a leader should perfectly practice the role. The review portrays Harry as a qualified leader. In future, if Harry wants to continue his juniors with good leadership practices, he will have to cope with the recommendations of the review. For instance, Harry acts as a role model to other. This means that Harry should continue with the same spirit for him to develop. As per the review, Harry gets things done and takes responsibility. To develop, he should improve the quality he gets things done. This is an indirect initiative from the 360 Degree review (Massingham, Nguyet & Massingham, 2011). Thus the review will help Harry maintain and improve his leadership skills hence his development.

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Thirdly, the review presents the managerial role of the leader. A leader should measure various qualities of the consistent important leadership skills. To achieve this, managerial knowledge is vital. Mainly the role of a manager is to work with people and conduct the administration effectively (Wu et al., 2014). Harry’s development simply means improved leadership. To attain this, Harry will have to correct the current mistakes and perfect on managerial part. Harry’s score is less than the organization’s, thus he has to apply more effort to match the organization’s score. This will directly contribute to the Harry’s development.

In addition to that, the 360 degree feedback provides an opportunity to gather opinions of the workmates. This will highly help Harry in development. For instance, in facilitation, Harry gets an opportunity to gather information on what makes him imperfect. This will make him get well updated and be able to coordinate colleagues and juniors. On the other hand, Harry will get to know the professional rules that are critical in organizations. The review categorizes the professional roles as part of the leadership roles. The Harry’s score in professional roles matches the organizational one. This means that Harry needs only to beat the organizational score to perfect.

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Generally, the review builds Harry gradually towards his development. The self-awareness acquired from the review is quite useful. Harry gets to know of his weaknesses and strongholds. Trying to maintain the strongholds and dealing with the weaknesses positively contributes to Harry’s development. The review also gives Harry some balanced view of skills and behaviors. This will slowly prepare Harry for development. The360 degree feedback highly aids in skills development. This means that the review will give Harry a starting point for development of new skills (Massingham, Nguyet & Massingham, 2011). This directly promotes his development.

In conclusion, 360 degree feedback is just crucial to Harry Trout. The feedback has roles categorized into five. First, the review shows the exact communication skills Harry owes. This means that he will be subjected to curiosity of whatever he does not know about the communication. In doing so, Harry will be improving his communication skills which have direct positive impact on his development. In addition to that, the review rates Harry in terms of management and general leadership. This poses a challenge that he is also not perfect. As he is trying to perfect, Harry will be equally advantaged in his development. The 360 degrees feedback review establishes awareness to Harry about his real status. He gets to know his weaknesses and strongholds. This makes his find it easy to fix and develop respectively. The review gives Harry a way forward by giving him an idea on development of new skills. These are equally important in Harry’s development.

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