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Task 1

Dell is a progressive computer technology company. It is located in Round Rock, Texas. This cosmopolitan company develops, distributes, fixes, and maintains computer related products and services. The company is named after its establisher, Michael Dell. Dell is one of the biggest IT companies in the world. It gives job more than one hundred thousand people all over the world. Dell vends PCs, data storage gadgets, MP3 players and other devices (Moran 234). Dell is famous for its “build-to-order” and “configure-to-order” techniques. This company prefers partner to compete. It was established in 1986 and it continues developing and innovating new ideas or methods.

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Intel Corporation is an American IT corporation situated in California. Intel is one of the most important manufacturers of chips and microprocessors in the world. It makes processors for big corporations such as HP and Dell. The world has entered a new era, in which instead of using one gadget, people need multiple gadgets for work and entertainment. That is why Intel is not limited with manufacturing only one type of devices. It makes laptops, PCs, tablets, and plasma TVs. It helps to stay competitive on a world’s market. Intel evolves every day, making their products meet all needs of modern people. Modern technologies invented by Intel free people from wires, additional volume, and extra size.

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HP or Hewlett-Packard Company is an American IT corporation with headquarters in California. It produces hardware and software. HP was the biggest computer manufacturer until 2013, than Lenovo outdrove it. HP develops PCs and delivers services, software, and hardware. Great amount of HP’s products are networking hardware, printers, MP3s, and so on.  In 2014, Hewlett-Packard decided to split. In November 2015, there was a division and two new companies appeared - HP Inc. and Hewlett Packard Enterprise. HP is an innovative company. In 2007, it created a BIOS update covering a big amount of laptops that could speed up the computer fan.

Task 2

What are the main features, personal characteristics of an IT worker?

What IT careers will be needed in the future the most?

Is it possible to start career in the well-known IT company without working experience?

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Task 3

UI designer or user interface engineering is the approach in the design of user interfaces for PCs, mobile phones, and other gadgets. The aim of UI design is to make the interface as simple as possible to save the user’s time. It makes user’s communication very easy and effective. Efficiency, contentment are essential parts of user-friendliness. To become the UI designer, a person should be interested in both visual design and product thinking. UI designer makes contrast and synchronous digital hierarchy (Moran 378). This professional leads someone’s eyes.

UX designer or User Experience Designer is a professional who facilitates the process of interaction between the user and the device. User Experience is how person feels when interacts with a system. UX designer struggles for enhancing user contentment by ameliorating the accessibility and convenience provided in the communication between the owner and the device. UX designers create wireframes (a guide for the layout of gadget) (Moran 421). Dr. Donald Norman first recognized the significance of user-centered design and invented UX design.

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Technical support is a professional responsible for supporting the computer system in a company. If a customer has some problems such as changing password, viruses, technical support has to solve this problem (Moran 453). Technical support is responsible for diagnosing hardware and software issues as well as helping with technical problems. Examining and repairing damaged equipment, updating self-help information to help customers solve their issues themselves, keeping records of clients questions are duties of Technical support. To work in Technical Support, a person should be able to cope with difficult customers. Logical thinking is a bonus. Technical support agent should have good cognitive and problem solving abilities. Good agent should update technical knowledge all the time to be competitive on the job market.

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