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Importance of Project Management

Today, many businesses have embraced project management as a strategy to achieve their various goals. Indeed, project management is crucial in the modern world. First, it focuses on the skills and strengths of an individual employee. As such, the employee will be assigned relevant tasks to which they will devote their energy, a factor that ensures faster conversion of the plane to a cargo plane. Second, project management is flexible. In this way, changes can be made depending on the prevailing circumstances. It is also structured, allowing every employee to be aware of their duties. Such predictability and organization enable the company to complete the conversion of the plane within the expected period. Lastly, such management ensures high efficiency. A lean and skilled team of workers will focus on the conversion of the plane, allowing other employees to concentrate on different issues. In addition, project management ensures a proper use of financial resources and time without compromising on the quality of the converted aircraft. Lastly, the careful planning helps in avoiding confusion and mistakes while undertaking the task.

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Critical tasks are those whose delay will have a negative impact on other tasks. Planning will involve a number of issues in this project. One of the critical tasks of this project is to get the passenger aircraft to the workstation for the planned modifications. In addition to this, another significant task is obtaining permission from the relevant authorities to convert the passenger aircraft into a freighter. In this case, GCAA and Quality Assurance must approve the modification of the aircraft. Another task is the actual conversion of the plane into a freighter. This step involves removing some items and replacing them with another ones designed for cargo aircraft. A case in point is modification of the floor, other structural works, and wiring changes. Lastly, final inspection should be undertaken to ensure that the aircraft meets the required quality standards and expectations of the project.

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Control systems such as project management software can be developed to monitor the abovementioned tasks. Such control systems will ensure efficient monitoring process through accurate measuring, evaluation, and correction. In this way, the control systems will assist in the management of costs, time, risk management, communication management, reporting, and forecasting. Regular measuring of progress will greatly contribute to the realization of the benefits of project management.

The priority matrix will help the project manager to filter out distractions and focus on factors that are most important. For example, achieving the deliverables of the aircraft is a critical aspect of this project. As such, the same should be optimized without compromising on the quality of the aircraft. The passenger aircraft has to be converted into a cargo aircraft that meets the specifications set out in the plan. The cargo aircraft should also meet the quality and technical requirements outlined by different authorities. Since the cost of converting the aircraft should not go beyond $ 8 million, expenses must be constrained to ensure that the project runs within the planned budget, and that the same job is profitable in the long run. For businesses, minimizing costs ensures maximization of profits from the business operations. While the task should be completed within 165 days, the period can be extended in order to meet the objectives on costs and deliverables. In fact, the same has limitations of the job from Sunday through to Thursday, from 6 A.M to 6 P.M.

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Working in a team is always an amazing experience. Apart from the numerous benefits that come with working in a team, teamwork provides one with the opportunity to understand certain aspects. For instance, working in a team enables the team members to identify and value the individual skills, expertise, and strengths of each member. For this reason, relevant tasks can be assigned to a particular person. Moreover, each team member has different experiences in relation to aircrafts. After sharing the experiences, the team can work on the project from an informed point of view. Moreover, specialization makes it easier to accomplish quality work within a shorter time. All in all, working in a team is much better than working individually.

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Computer technology has been very helpful to project managers. In this respect, project management software has enabled project managers to carry out their duties much more efficiently. Such software has improved the estimation of time and financial resources that may be needed to complete a given project. Second, the computer programs give project managers a greater control over their projects. The managers can access all documents relevant to the project whenever they are at their computers. Third, the programs make it possible for the project manager to collaborate with their employees in a better and more constructive way. Consequently, it becomes easier to track the process of executing the various tasks, making corrections where necessary. Lastly, through project management software, the team assigned to a given task can measure progress and results. Measuring development can also be achieved by comparing projects to determine whether they are on the right path.

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With the important role that project management plays, it is used in many areas. As such, acquiring the relevant skills for effective and fruitful project management is a valuable resource. Moreover, the learning experience helps one to appreciate the importance of project management and be aware of the different ways through which the process can be made more meaningful. In summary, the learning experience through the aircraft conversion project has been amazing.

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