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Management Analysis

This is a management analysis essay concerning Dirt Bikes USA. To assist in analysis there are two questions to answer.

Question 1

Dirt Bikes USA has no information systems. This analysis seeks to find type of information systems that can be incorporate in the company to assist the managing customers better. Dirt Bikes Company handles customers’ information such as ages and level of education, number and model of bikes customers, and is known to develop and manufacture the best off-road racing motorcycles. The challenge is no proper information systems in place to assist the company manage its data better.

Information systems are an important component of any corporation. Dirt Bikes Company requires information systems for each part of the company. This comprises marketing and sales, production and manufacturing, human resources as well as finance and accounting. Marketing and sales systems are significant for the corporation since their main objective is to vend Dirt Bikes and other components (Stair & Reynolds, 2013). By employing this system, the tendencies of the sales can be supervised, assist the manager identify what sells and those that do not sell. Production and manufacturing systems are essential for Dirt Bikes USA because they handle the production of the components used in the dirt bikes. Administrators use the information from these systems not only to establish whether they require new manufacturing facilities, but to concern the resources and costs. Accounting and finance systems are significant since they handle the finances of the corporation. Administrators and managers use the information to manage the investments of the corporation and the payroll of the staffs, among numerous other necessities. Human resources systems are significant for Dirt Bike Company since they offer all the information for the staffs, like the compensation and the allocation (Stair & Reynolds, 2013).

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Question 2


Email is a digital instrument that can be used for free. It is simple and fast to use. It is simpler to send an electrical mail to a large recipients group as the contrast clusters can be generated. In addition, at the moment an employee’s sends an email, the recipient address can receive and read it almost instantly. Email can be sent to any location, consequently eliminating any phone charges arising due to long distance. Attaching word file and forwarding texts are two more merits to email (Vacca, 2009).

Chat/ IM.

An online chat application is an internet instrument that enables more proficient and cost efficient communications, both outside and inside of the corporation. Chat services like IM (Instant Messenger), permit more individuals to hold live communications. Nowadays, most chat services are fitted with video chatting choices. This way, two persons can almost conduct a communication face-to-face (Vacca, 2009).

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Electronic conferencing.

Groupware is an incredibly opportune tool for trade conferencing. It permits meetings, presentations, seminars and conferences to be carried out online. By doing so, distance barrier is eliminated since not everybody has to be in the room or even in the same state. This permits the sufficient travel cost and time to reducing.

World Wide Web.

Dirt Bikes USA should take advantage from all three of these internet tools. Emails, groupware and instant messages are internet tools that are due to WWW applications and platforms.


Dirt Bikes USA can benefit significantly from employing an intranet. Intranets are more secure and private than just employing the Internet alone. Networked systems are generated by intranets. These are capable to function on all types of computers all through the company. Firewalls are employed to avoid outsiders from accessing the network. The entire departments of Dirt Bike could gain from intranets in many ways (Vacca, 2009).

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The information systems will assist Dirt Bikes USA work efficiently. This is possible due to information systems tools such as email, IM, internet and intranets. 

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