Free «Assignment 2.1: Discrimination in the Workplace» Essay

Assignment 2.1: Discrimination in the Workplace

Problem Statement

In the workplace, discrimination is a major problem that staff members experience, ranging from the management to junior employees. Employees in the workplace face the discrimination based on sex, age, social origin, race, and political opinion (Chou & Choi, 2011). Moreover, the aspect affects overall work productivity since it denies workers opportunities to display their skills and knowledge in meeting the company’s goals and objectives. The problem is persistent and should be fixed with immediate effect to facilitate the existence of a conducive working environment for every staff member. More so, the company management should act and respond appropriately in eliminating and preventing future cases of discrimination (Chou & Choi, 2011). The move will also encourage cooperation and harmony among the workforce to boost productivity.

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Overview of Alternatives

Alternative A

The company should enact and implement discriminatory policies for all employees, which should be as comprehensive as possible (Odeku & Animashaun, 2012). The workforce should review the policies beforehand to ensure everyone is up-to-date. Thereafter, staff members should undergo training on discrimination and sign a form agreeing to abide by policies’ provisions. In addition, the implementation process should come with disciplinary action plans to apply in solving discrimination complaints (Odeku & Animashaun, 2012).

Alternative B

Eliminating the problem of discrimination in the workplace should start with the dismantling of the existing barriers and ensuring there is equality in every department as well as the ability to use company resources appropriately (England, 2015). The solution should involve creating diverse groups and departments within the company setting to encourage cooperation and equality among the employees.

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In measuring the worth of the alternatives, the following criteria will apply:

  • Cost

The cost incurred in implementing the alternatives should be affordable to ensure the company does not strain financially in solving the problem.

  • Durability

The alternatives, when implemented, should be able to last for long and guarantee progressive results. Any changes introduced in the end should not negatively interfere with its long lasting benefits.

  • Efficiency

The alternatives should produce efficient results to ensure uniformity in solving the discrimination problem at work.

  • Time

The implementation of the alternatives should involve time management to facilitate quick and effective results. Since the discrimination problem continues to diminish work productivity at an alarming rate, the implementation process for the alternatives should be short to guarantee quick positive results.

  • Practicality

The implementation of the possible solution should be swift to avoid constraints in eliminating the discrimination problem. There should be an assurance that the alternative plans can succeed in the company setting by citing expert testimony and referencing successful implementation processes for a similar solution in other companies.

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In determining the best alternative to recommend to the employer, an effective research method will apply. First, I will use a survey design to consult other company websites on their successful implementation of discriminatory policies. The research will focus on evaluating the problem context in the respective organizations and the effective solution they implemented. Moreover, it will involve analyzing the needs for such a solution based on the reality that such a problem existed and needed a quick solution. More so, it is essential to make the employer believe the problem also exists in other firms; therefore, implementing the appropriate solution is vital (Odeku & Animashaun, 2012).

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Second, the research will concentrate on the use of an interview, which will involve management personnel from another company with experience in a similar problem. The interview will revolve around the aspect of discrimination policy enactment and implementation. It will also assist in determining why specific actions are necessary for practicality (Odeku & Animashaun, 2012). Moreover, the interview report addressing positive implications of the plan and citing the personal testimony will convince the employer that the problem exists and the plan can work.

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