Free «Designing and Delivering a Training Module» Essay

Designing and Delivering a Training Module

Objective of this module is to ensure improvement in negotiation skills. The trained individuals are able to address and solve all issues that customers come across during their work. Training will help trainees to control cost through keeping customer service calls short and effective. Also, they will ensure efficiency in customer service by providing information required by customers.

Part One

It was on 4th of May, 2014, when we conducted our project on implementation of training module. The training was the one hour operation conducted from 8 pm up to 9 pm. My colleague Khamis and I conducted this training through a face-to-face mode. The training took place in one of our university classes located along the pathway and used by a number of students in the university. We had posted a number of posters on the notice boards at various strategic places, which are accessible by students to notify them about the training.

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The turnout was fair. We achieved a capacity of around fifty students, who took their full time concentration on the training. The participants were Dr. Adrienne Isakovic, Mariam and Ahlam. It was an encouraging turnout although some joined us while we had already started. It gave us more encouragement in regard to their cooperation throughout the training. We did not have hard time to organize them, which was among the key things that we admired most about the audience. Another thing that we acknowledged was the number and the intensity of questions asked by the audience. In fact, all questions raised by the audience were based on the discussion we made and their urge for clarification made us indeed realize how attentive the audience was to grasp all we said.

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 Electronics, such as projector, laptop and speakers, attracted attention of participants. We have also brought with us some charts that were visible from a far welcoming them to the session. After they settled, my colleague Khamis and I introduced ourselves to them and gave them a recap of whatever we wanted to speak about. We congratulated them on giving us their time and promised that we would take the least time possible to elaborate on all we had to train.  We also encouraged them to participate in all forms; that is, through asking them questions for anything that was not clear to them and emphasized that their support would be highly appreciated. We begged for order and cooperation from them so that we could get proper use of that one hour that they had offered to us. The project was accompanied with visual slides and videos that we had prepared, and which had the key points on them. We also included some writings in the training for further clarification.

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Part Two

After the Action Review

The training was fruitful as everything went on smoothly with a recommendable high support of the people present. There was a minimal movement in and out of the classroom, which was encouraging. An order was observed in asking questions and answering them politely and direct to the point.

Question One

What was outstanding with our presentation was the coordination of all we had prepared. We did well in presentation of slides, which not only saved us much time that we could use in writing much, but also ensured that the audience in one way were entertained and well informed about the training. We also included some real life practical scenarios, which helped in clearly elaborating on the issue and notifying us on the extent to which the audience was able to understand the subject.

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Question Two

Although the performance of operation was appealing, we noted that we still had to do something on the effectiveness of our performance. For instance, our videos were somehow long in terms of time, so next time we will rectify it and replace them with the shorter but more comprehensive videos. We also learnt that we need to add various activities to make the session interesting and to avoid boredom of the audience. For instance, we can issue certificates and rewards to the participants who attend the training. Some of them can also accompany other rewarding to those who answer questions that we ask at the end of session on clarification of whether the message was well understood. This way it could motivate those who attend our training and also encourage a bigger attendance. 

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Another thing that we need to emphasize on is that the attendants should bring notepads and pens with them. Many participants during the training were not taking points. They were just listening and observing, which obviously meant they had nothing to refer to in case of future reference. We also need to involve those in attendance during presentation whereby we use them to illustrate particularly practical scenario. Through their involvement, the participants are going to appreciate their support and contribute much better throughout the session.

Question Three

We were surprised by the fact that performance and training in general require much more than just writing. It needs presenter’s full concentration on the subject to avoid repetition of something that was already stated in order to save time. It came into our realization that we also need to be considerate on the words that we use during the session to avoid misinterpretations and misunderstanding by the audience. We were also surprised by the need to use humor during presentation to break silence at least for just a second or two.   

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Another surprise that struck us was turnout of the audience. We had not done much of notification on the training, but just one day was good enough to make a number of people notified. Another important thing that astonished us was how interested and focused the audience was. It was encouraging to ask questions on what they participated and receive correct answers.  It was an indication that they were attentive throughout the training, and they understood the subject accordingly, as intended.

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