Free «A Significant Event in My Childhood» Essay

A Significant Event in My Childhood

In childhood every person had a significant event that helped to shape the way she/he is today. It could be the cardinal changes in the family life, the peculiarities of lifestyle, health problems, happy moments etc. Without doubt we imprinted these significant events from childhood on our memory and always remember them as the most pleasant minutes of life.

As for me, my lifestyle, the way of life of my family, absence of money and desire to make my way in life shaped the way I am today. I am thankful God and my family that influenced on forming of my personality. I am on the right track and I am glad that I did not lose my way.

Growing up in a poor neighborhood can leave the big mark on people's life. In any case, a person can be strongly influenced by the way of living, by people who surround him/her as well as by problems which he/she faces. My neighborhood was the place where people living there did not take care about investing money in their houses.

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The same situation was with my family. My family was happy even living without the expensive and luxurious things and never let financial problems destroy these warm relationships which were between us. I cannot say that my childhood was unhappy, because we were poor. No! Money would certainly make our life easier. However, even the absence of money had not made us feel unhappy and poor. I lived as the rich man because I had the greatest and the most valuable treasure – my family.

My parents taught us not to make money the sense of life, and their advice was really a good lesson for us. Moreover, the main thing was to find the purpose in life.

Growing up in a poor neighborhood helped me to realize how difficult is to earn money and how to value every cent. When I was younger, I used to do chores to earn money. I learned that buying something used can be better than buying something new. When my parents made me earn money at a young age, it helped me to understand my appointment in this life and to take my choice.

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Growing up in my neighborhood has taught me once more to be determined. I knew what I wanted and tried to improve my skills. I observed the other people who were professionals of their work to get something new from them. Now, I know the value of success. It is not easy to be successful; it is like to climb the high mountains without any help. You climb overcoming all obstacles, falling and getting even then when you have no forces. I observed the mistakes of other people and tried not to repeat them.

As long as I learn from my mistakes and my faults, as long as I do my best to realize what lesson life is trying to teach me, as long as I follow my moral beliefs and values, I think I will become better. I feel like I have begun something huge and important, my life.

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Being as a small child I had an endless desire for knowledge. I burnt from need to know and understand something new and that desire still lives within me today. If I have a question, I do the best to get an answer. If I'm interested in something, I look for it until I feel that I know everything there is to know about it.

Don't get me wrong, I am not selfish and proud. I don't think I'm better than anyone else.

I only want to prove that it is possible to get from rags to riches with the help of hard work and great desire. No matter what hell I've gone through in my life, no matter how many things I've lost, I will always remember those moments of my life.

In my opinion, it is not important whether you have grown up in the poor district or in the rich one; the most important is always to be the real and kind-hearted person, to know your appointment, to find the purpose of life, and to enjoy every moment of this life. Life is given to us to be happy and to share this happiness with other people.

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In spite that fact that my childhood was not careless because I had my household duties, I remembered it as the most pleasant time. Being a child I already knew that to realize my dreams, I should be hard-working, persistent, determined and strong. I can not say that I was deprived of childhood; indeed I was very happy child because I was loved and taken care and this is everything what all children need.

Since childhood I have learnt how to earn and save money. You can say that I am too miserly. No such thing, I am thrifty and it is a good quality. Earning money I got a realistic view on what people have to do in order to make their living. Now when I am an adult I still use the values which I understood when I was a child.

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I do not think that my uneasy childhood and my way of life make me the man of lower kind and make me different from another people. I am capable of great endurance, stronger and bear life problems with fortitude. Many people think that success in life is measured by a person’s economic status. I believe that success is measured by how a person handles challenges in life. Having lived in a poor neighborhood, I realize that I have many values, skills, and abilities which play important role and helped me to shape the way I am today.

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