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Christmas Celebrations

Origin of Christmas

You will not believe what is my favorite holiday which makes me excited and impressed, and which is always in my thoughts and memories. Are you ready to know what my favourite holiday is? Christmas! Yes, Christmas! In my opinion, Christmas is the state of mind, state of soul and heart; it is a desire to be better, to reunite with the family.

Christmas is celebrated on December 25 in honor of the birth of Jesus Christ. It is religious and cultural holiday celebrated by people from all over the world. Christmas is very deep in its sense: it is religious (very sacral) and, it develops cultural life of people, because it is rich in traditions which are transferred from generation to generation.

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The aim of Christmas celebrations is to unite people with the common beliefs in Christ, to provide entertainment, to develop culture and art, to inform people about their traditions and to transfer certain knowledge to the next generation. All people from different religious views, social statuses, races and nations adore Christmas and mark it as a special occasion.

I am convinced that such a cultural event is the opportunity for everybody of us to forget about everyday routine and problems which follow us constantly. I observe people during this holiday and see that their eyes express happiness and joy. I feel that their hearts beat quicker. With bated breath and with happy looks, they congratulate each other, sing carols and send postcards and gifts.

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The peculiarities of Christmas celebrations

Christmas is a very symbolic holiday. On this day, everything in the streets and at home shows that it is holiday: Christmas trees decorated with toys and candies, Santa Clauses who bring gifts for children, carol singers who congratulate people on Christmas and create the special winter atmosphere.

Modern American Santa Claus rides reindeer, he is dressed in the red costume, and he brings gifts to children who were obedient. All small children believe in Santa Claus and write letters to him asking for Christmas gifts.

Why is Christmas such a special occasion? It was created to honour the birth of Christ. That is why it has the magic force, which makes the human spirit flourish and enrich cultural life of people. Many of Christmas holiday traditions differ from family to family and often depend on the culture and origin. American Christmas is the unity of international traditions, because people of different nations live there.

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I do not imagine Christmas without a decorated tree. To my mind, it is the symbol of this holiday which brings not only pleasant smell but family coziness, piece and elevated feelings of the holiday. Christmas tree is decorated with a star, which represents the Star of Bethlehem, or by an angel, which symbolizes the birth of Christ. Many family trees have toys, decorations and lights from more than one generation. Christmas trees are not only at home but in the streets, in the offices, everywhere where people work and rest.

As for me, I adore decorating the Christmas tree outside the house with lights. However, the most pleasant feeling is when you put on the lights and your home shines like a star. Since childhood we used to make snowmen, decorate windows with snowflakes and yard with reindeer.

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I always help my mother to prepare Christmas dinner, and it is very symbolic moment when all the family gathers together and exchange pleasant gifts. Very often, we invite our close friends.

We prepare a variety of delicious dishes for Christmas dinner: turkey, salads and cakes. After Christmas dinner we go to the church to enjoy: live Nativity scenes, church dinners, choir Christmas concerts, special church services.

My impressions about Christmas celebrations

Christmas is a unique holiday. When it comes, I feel as if I am completely absorbed in some magic events, and I forget about everything in the world. It is so wonderfully organized, and it seems to me that not people but the mysterious spirit of Christmas created everything. The carol of singers, divine church service, unbelievable decorations create the unforgettable atmosphere. You can enjoy whatever you want: the carol concerts, Christmas Nativity Plays.

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It is not strange that on Christmas Day, people become much more cheerful, joyful, smiling, kinder and merciful.

Now I begin to understand the meaning of the quote of Calvin Coolidge “Christmas is not a time nor a season, but a state of mind. To cherish peace and goodwill, to be plenteous in mercy, is to have the real spirit of Christmas”.

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