Free «DOW Greenhouse Gas Emission» Essay

DOW Greenhouse Gas Emission

Research on the environment indicates that the world’s environment is at risk because of human activities. This research paper aims at pointing the increasing gas emission from greenhouses in the post-industrial era and way to aid people build a better atitude to the environment. Federal Regulations are expected to include the environmental standard for a period of the next five years.

DOW powerfully believes that it is the key stakeholder that can influence any changes that may come about as far as the environment is concerned. DOW aims at contributimg majorly to reversing and stopping the growth of its Green House Gases (GHG) emissions as a step in its contribution to saving Earth.

DOW plans to study its supply chain from the perspective of the environment in alignment to its sustainability goals of 2015. DOW wants to evaluate its current supply chain of products for example. Gas Treated Amine that requires sixteen raw materials whereby two are from DOW’s plants. In Plasquemin, Louisiana, there is a manufacturing plant that producesa particular grade of products. This is blended with raw materials that are provided by external suppliers in portions to produce 28 finished goods.

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Customers, however require various products. Two blending plans exist, one is Pearland where it has the facility to pack and ship products to consumers. Another one is in Calgary, which deals with a bulk mode of transportation. Optimizing the supply chain network of DOW has both tactical and strategic levels; this is the key to reach the goals of the year 2010 and save up to 30% of the cost.

Green House Gas Emissions

The major problem, in this case study is the emission of Green House Gases. DOW is having a big challenge in minimizing the emission of the Green House Gases, while improving and maintaining customer service levels for the global supply chain.

Solutions to the Green House Gas Emissions

DOW should push its working process to reduce emission of Green House Gas (GHG) by putting together incorporating measures and strategies to improve the transportation means of the raw product to the storage place and the final product to the customer. This solution is easier to implement because DOW is directly involved in causing the problem. However, using this strategy may not work since DOW will have to reduce the number of its activities during the production process.

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A sustainable Community Strategy may be employed to implement the process of elimination of GHG emission (See, 2001). Community empowerment is deemed advantageous because the community becomes informed about the current global issue of greenhouse gas emission. The community might however not help much in eradicating the greenhouse gas emission.

DOW should implement its objective to translate its strategy product plans into improved operational and tactical planning including their execution to meet the demand. DOW should also design or redesign low cost-to-serve, flexible, and effective supply chains for the geographies. These strategies are of advantage because the supply chain may be controlled by DOW. It is however disadvantageous that these strategies might not fully eradicate GHG emission but may reduce the emission to some extent (Tremblay, 2005).

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Choice of Plan to Be Implemented

DOW should push its agenda to reduce and eradicate Green House Gas (GHG) emissions by putting together incorporating measures and Strategies from a raw product to the final product at the customer for consumption. This solution is easier to implement because DOW is directly involved in causing the problem. Gases emitted from the companies should be monitored before emission.


Implementation of measure that will enhance sink of greenhouse gases (Hochmeyer & Rennings, 1999). Planning and implementing measure to curb GHG emission. DOW should develop an institutional mechanism to share any risk that may occur.

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