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Forensic Sci Lab

A. Identify the Type of Evidence

In this scenario, experts can identify circumstantial evidence. One may not view the fingerprints on an unpainted plaster wall as trustworthy evidence. The detail expert study can prove that these fingerprints belong to a certain person or that they belong not to one of the suspects.

B. Discuss Enhancement/Visualization and Searching Techniques

When an investigator comes to a crime scene, the first thing that he/she needs to do is to conduct initial observation. Visual observation helps to estimate the situation and make a suggestion as to what type of crime has been committed. In order to come to this conclusion, one needs to take into consideration the evidences found in the crime scene. In this case, there are two pieces of evidence – fingerprints and fiber. These evidences are difficult to identify at first glance and they can be detected only after a detailed observation of the place. According to this fact, one should pay special attention to such objects as glasses and cups situated near the scene of crime, since a murderer could have touched them. Investigators can find hair and fibers near the victim, on the table or other furniture. Hence, inspectors should carefully observe all these places in order to find additional pieces of evidence.

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C. Identify Presumptive or Screening Tests that are Appropriate

In this case, one may use a DNA typing test in order to detect the individual’s personality. DNA identification is a process that helps to establish the identity of a unique individual, a suspect or a victim. In this case, the fingerprint is a good evidence to perform this type of test. Another appropriate test in this scenario is serology test. Serology is a basic blood analysis which helps determine semen stains, bloodstains, and saliva. The left fingerprint may contain salvia or a murderer may have left a piece of salvia on other objects in the room. According to this fact, it is necessary to determine which objects could be touched by a suspect.

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The last useful test for this case is called trace evidence test. Criminologists use this test in order to reconstruct the crime scene and the identity of the suspect. This test includes the analysis of wood, hair, glass, fibers and other materials that were found in the crime scene. The analysis of these components helps to establish the connection between a murderer and a victim. For instance, investigators can find a hair on a victim’s body; the test helps establish that this hair belongs to a suspect or another person. The same situation concerns a fingerprint; experts can analyze a left fingerprint at the laboratory in order to identify a person to whom this fingerprint belongs.  

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D. Collection and Packaging for the Evidence

Investigators should collect all evidences taking into consideration their origin. For instance, if it is a blood stain, a criminologist should take it to an air-dry package. In this case, one has identified fibers from the victim’s car. Fibers should be collected in a special package that will protect the evidence from the inner impact; hence, it will save its originality. An expert should implement the process of packaging using special tools. A criminologist should wear latex gloves in order to avoid the leaving of one’s fingerprints. After that a criminologist should take the evidence using forceps if it is possible; if the evidence is too big, then a criminologist should take it handling one corner and put it into a plastic bag. They should place all pieces of evidence in special containers that help avoid the impact of the environment on their state.

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